28 Jul: The art of the deal

KDF and allies meet with the DaiMon Grosna to negotiate a very important transaction...


When: Sunday, Jul 28, Alpha-1

Audience: Klingon and allies

Event type: Social RP

Starting point: Risa summer event map

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
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I fear I may not be able to make this one. My poor graphics card (almost ten years old!) may have finally been pushed too far by this latest heat wave; even after blowing it out thoroughly this evening, it crashed out a few times and I doubt it can handle two hours in game, even doing "nothing". I'll let you know when this is resolved.
Awww I hope you get it working again! Best of luck!
Spoiler: Event logShow
Grosna@gulremal: <FX> After successfully transporting the captured cardassian ships to OSN headquarters in the Narris system, you were directed to the Risa for a meeting with DaiMon Grosna, to negotaiate a certain -

Grosna@gulremal: - business deal. Grosna's contact info points to a place locally known as Sovak's Camp - a small trade an entertainment zone that has grown into a small ferengi enclave.

Grosna@gulremal: Of course, aside from ferengi, many other traders have soon joined in and turned the place into a bazaar of sorts. Trained eyes can notice that aside from traders peddling their wares there are-

Grosna@gulremal: - multiple guards covering the entire zone. While none of them are actually visibly armed (as all weapons are indeed forbidden on Risa), they are still more than enough to keep any kind of trouble-

Grosna@gulremal: -makers out.

Grosna@gulremal: <FX> You easily track Grosna to one of the dabo tables in the area...

Istar@anncarise glances around, "You'd think we were on Ferenginar...what is Ferenginar like in terms of environment anyways?"

Lorri@crystyll: "Wet. Very, very... wet"

Istar@anncarise: "Quite a bit of water here too. But I imagine you mean a way more uncomfortable kinda water there."

Grosna@gulremal: *notices the orions, well he notices the Gorn, and then the orions, and waves at them*

Lorri@crystyll: "It's basically one big swamp..."

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: With alot of busssinesss.

Istar@anncarise: "Yeah...not an ideal vacation destination."

Grosna@gulremal waves at Lorri.

Istar@anncarise: "Looks like we got business here, too."

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg looks over the two of them.."What doesss thisss perssson look like? I sssee ssseveral ferengi."

Lorri@crystyll: "There's our man now" heads over to greet him, "Daimon. Face to face at last"

Grosna@gulremal: Indeed! I'm so glad that you were able to meet me here!

Istar@anncarise examines the surroundings to see if Grosna is here alone or may have brought bodyguards.

Grosna@gulremal: <FX> No obvious bodyguards with Grosna, though there's a lot of security in general, sticking to corners or acting to be potential buyers.

Grosna@gulremal: I hope you had a good trip. No run ins with the Starfleet, yes?

Lorri@crystyll: "They happened to be light on patrols along our chosen route" she smiles

Grosna@gulremal: Ah, their rules and inspectons...how's a proper merchant to make a living here? Madness, I tell you!

Grosna@gulremal: At least this place knows a thing or two about hospitality, and offers some venues for a proper deal-making.

Lorri@crystyll: "Speaking of... I trust your merchandise survived our encounter as well as you did?"

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg watches the area for those who might be taking notice of the negotiations.

Grosna@gulremal: Of course, and a bit more! I think you'll be very satisfied with the state of the goods!

Grosna@gulremal: <FX> Aside from the guards, who were definitely very interested at your approach, only a few of other traders seem to be paying attention, especially since you start talking with Grosna.

Grosna@gulremal: So, let's get started, shall we? *grosna puts some strips of gold pressed latinum on the dabo table on a certain number, and rolls the wheel. The small opening below GPL appears and GPL falls in. -

Grosna@gulremal: - seconds later, all sounds more than 10 feet away from table are heavily muffled, becoming a barely audible background noise*

Istar@anncarise: "Fancy."

Lorri@crystyll: "You mentioned additional merchandise? Perhaps my friends here will also find worthwhile bartering here then"

Grosna@gulremal: *shrugs* A necessity of the trade. Plus the crowd makes it harder for anyone aside a real idiot to do something stupid.

Lorri@crystyll: "You already know what I'm here for"

Grosna@gulremal: Indeed, that's always a deal waiting to be made *he produces a padd and hands it to Lorri*

Lorri@crystyll takes the PADD and skims over it's contents

Grosna@gulremal: Cloaking device IS klingon in origin, most likely 3rd generation that came around with the first Vor'cha lineup.

Grosna@gulremal: True Way most likely scavved it from some Dominion War battlefield, and they make some interesting modifications. You will note they took quite a risk to extend the range so it can cover vessels in -

Grosna@gulremal: - closest proximity of the mothership, at the cost of increased power drain. They also modded the power intake so it fits the cardassian setups.

Istar@anncarise: "Like extending shields, but with a cloak. Clever."

Lorri@crystyll hrms, "Far from factory spec I see. What of it's condition after the battle however? You weren't exactly gentle with your salvaging of it..."

Grosna@gulremal: *to Istar* It's not without risks - it covers area of barely 10 miles across, which on spaceship level is like, less than a knife-fighting distance. And all the other ships inside the field have to -

Grosna@gulremal: - keep their shields and general power levels in check, lest they disrupt the cloaking field.

Grosna@gulremal: It is also easier to negate with anitproton sweeps and tachyon bursts than the standard cloaking fields.

Grosna@gulremal: I wasn't gentle with the ship I took it from, but the cloaking device is fully operational. I did test it before arrival, and it managed to cloak the Merchantman without issue.

Grosna@gulremal: I'm half-tempted to keep it for myself, but what's the point in hiding the ship you WANT to be seen, eh?

Istar@anncarise chuckles, "Staying invisible isn't good for business, is it?"

Grosna@gulremal: Oh, it can definitely get handy in some circumstances, but I did well without it so far...depending too much on such trinkets is not my style.

Lorri@crystyll: "Understandable. But you've seen the company we keep, and they favour such trinkets so it's an investment I'm willing to consider"

Grosna@gulremal: Well, what are you willing to offer for such a device?

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <hisses> Will it work on your ssship? What isss the power needed for such a device, that coversss that area?

Lorri@crystyll: "The Thana's designed was derived from a Negh'Var and influenced by the same development team. She was built to host a cloaking device, it is just technology we never had available at the time"

Lorri@crystyll looks back to Grosna, "As for price, let us start with what you believe it is worth. I'm curious as to what discout our established trade agreement presents" she smiles

Grosna@gulremal: *to Ku'jho* It did manage to hide the Merchantman to fool a starfleet patrol, but power draw is significant and it caused us some power fluctuations across the board. You will need to re-modify the -ž

Grosna@gulremal: - power intake if you want it to be more efficient.

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg nods understandingly to Grosna.

Grosna@gulremal: Well, let's cut to the thick of it. I operate a lot in the Zenas Expanse. And I believe you've overtaken the position of previous Merchant Marine Captain for the KDF task force in the area, yes?

Lorri@crystyll: "Correct"

Grosna@gulremal: As I suspected. In that case, I want the rights of salvage for the KDF controlled space in the Expanse. KDF gets the 1st pick of all salvaged goods, at a generous 10% discount.

Lorri@crystyll: "KDF, or KDF and their allies?"

Grosna@gulremal: *grins* Well, considering the already active deal with the OSN, I can for sure extend the same courtesy to your forces too,

Grosna@gulremal: But only within the Expanse!

Istar@anncarise looks to Lorri, "Sounds like we should get more than a cloak for that sorta deal."

Grosna@gulremal: It's not that big of limitation, mind you. I don't tend to lug the salvage all across the galaxy - unless it's something really lucrative.

Lorri@crystyll: "Stands to reason as we're only discussing rights within the expanse" and nods to Istar, "Daimon if you are angling for more long term profit on top of our existing trade deal, I do hope you are +

Lorri@crystyll: + tabling more than a single cloaking device"

Grosna@gulremal: Look at it from the other side - I'm an expert, no, a master, at my job. Think of how much unclaimed salvage is wasting in that area of space.

Grosna@gulremal: I save you the time and effort of looking for it, recovering and transporting it! I even do some repairs where applicable! You get a excellent service and right to pick the best of stuff right at the-

Grosna@gulremal: - source, for discount none the less! My colleagues here would think me mad for offering such a good deal!

Grosna@gulremal: *rises hands dramatically* But!

Lorri@crystyll is not impressed with Grosna's antics.

Lorri@crystyll folds her arms across her chest as she looks to Grosna with an almost entertained expression

Grosna@gulremal: Maybe I can spice this offer enough to your satisfaction? What would your companions say? Do they have their own demands in this deal?

Lorri@crystyll looks to the others, "If we are negotiating on behalf of the task force as it would seem, I believe it only right that everyone has their say"

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <hisses> Nothing on my mind. Thisss device could ssserve well.

Grosna@gulremal: Sure! *turns to Istar and Ku'jho* What do you say?

Istar@anncarise: "I don't suppose these drones he has on his Merchantman are on the table?"

Istar@anncarise: "Could be useful tech to have."

Grosna@gulremal: Hehehehe, I knew someone'd ask!

Grosna@gulremal: Useful little rascals, are they? Originally the ferengi mining drones, with some mods, they can do wonders!

Istar@anncarise looks to Lorri, "Not sure if there's room on the Thana with our interceptors, but there's probably a few things the OSN can do with their specs."

Istar@anncarise: "Or even one of our Ghost operators..."

Lorri@crystyll: "Does sound useful. What about it Daimon?"

Grosna@gulremal: Of course, it's not that they are hard to reverse engineer, but those beauties are quite costly to build - that's why you don't see other Dai'Mons use them much.

Grosna@gulremal: Specialized tool for specialized task. *fakes exasperation* You're tough customer, but sure, for this deal, I will heartbreakingly separate myself from one of my pretties.

Lorri@crystyll smiles, "Excellent. Now we're making progress"

Istar@anncarise smiles as well, "That we are!"

Grosna@gulremal: And for the scaly big guy here...well, I can't leave him without a trophy, yes?

Grosna@gulremal: *he fishes out a small holoprojector, and it activates showing a scene...*

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg perks his brow a bit at the mention.

Grosna@gulremal: ** First image from the top: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/S/cmx-images-prod/Item/139171/Previews/8f9903cc1c9c935db4cb8a1882a36670._SX1280_QL80_TTD_.jpg

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg hisses agreeably with the image, and gives a nod in thanks to Grosna.

Grosna@gulremal: *he gauges Ku'jho's reaction* I found the blade of one of the Black Crest warriors, most likely lost during the battle with klingons on Elkauron II.

Grosna@gulremal: In the spirit of the deal and future cooperation, I will have the weapon beamed to your vessel upon the signing of the contract.

Lorri@crystyll looks up to Ku'jho, "You know this weapon then?"

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg nods to Lorri.."Yesss. It isss sssimilar to a mancatcher, but for gorn. The ssscene is captured well."

Grosna@gulremal: So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?

Lorri@crystyll: "Alright" she looks back to Grosna, "Seems we have the makings of a deal then; the cloaking device, one of your drones and the gift for Ku'jho here. In exchange for first refusal at non-classified +

Lorri@crystyll: + salvage within the KDF operated expanse, offering a 20% discount first viewing to KDF and allies for all salvage"

Grosna@gulremal: *grunts* 12 percent! I have a large crew to feed!

Lorri@crystyll: "15 and we sign now. I have a fleet and growing colony to feed" she smiles sweetly

Grosna@gulremal: It's a deal!

Grosna@gulremal: *he takes out the padd, and edits something on it - he obviously had the text prepared*

Grosna@gulremal: *hands the padd to Lorri* Here, for your perusal and signing!

Lorri@crystyll takes it graciously, reviewing the details before giving her thumbprint assuming all is as agreed

Grosna@gulremal: <FX> A detailed review would show no hidden fine print.

Lorri@crystyll hands the signed contract back to Grosna, "A pleasure doing business with you, Daimon"

Grosna@gulremal: *takes back the padd and thrumsigns it himself* Excellent! The transportation of the blade and drone can happen immediately, while the device will be shipped in...*checks his chronometer* 27 minutes.

Grosna@gulremal: During the next local sensor network reboot, just to make sure.

Lorri@crystyll perks a brow at the specific timing before forming a light smirk, "Always one step ahead. Good, I like that in a business partner"

Grosna@gulremal: There's just too many starfleet vessels around for my liking, but that's the risk of doing business in a more safer environment.

Grosna@gulremal: *nods* Well, feel free to peruse the rest of the bazaar, my colleagues might have more things that might interest you. *he moves back to the dabo table, spins the wheel again and sounds come back in*

Grosna@gulremal: -- SCENE END --
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