28 Jun: Pariah Colony Conference

Colonial Command is in the midst of hotly debating where the Pariah System colony should be established. Members of Task Force Argo have been invited to represent and advocate for possible candidates.


When: 28 Jun @ gamma +1hr (5pm EST)

Where: ... ooh, we can probably use the Embassy for once!

What: Discussion/debate RP

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


Trying something a little different... wanted to poll for interest in a debate-ish type RP.

So the Federation is currently analyzing which Oct-1a planet/moon would make for the most optimal colony choice. I'd be looking for 2-4 volunteers to represent a choice and then debate formally about how theirs is the best.

I'd provide you with a short profile that explains the planet's position, some basic pros/cons, but then the rest is up to you.

Winner of debate (with neutral panel of Federation 'judges') will have the colony actually placed on planet you argued for, of course. :roll:

[edit] Looks like we're definitely go with at least two. Thanks guys, will get in contact with you about it.
Still two planets to represent if anyone's interested in making a case for them.

1. McCarthy
2. Kermit
3. Coby
4. Drexia
I'm in.
Raises hand.
:geek: I'd feel like taking part.
It looks interesting and ill try to join if it happens at a workable time for me.
So this is tomorrow at gamma +1hr, all. :x Come ask questions!
Posted all of the colony candidate profiles in UFP: http://taskforceargo.enjin.com/forum/page/1/m/6618775/viewthread/13546996-star-system-pariah. Please feel free to look at what the advocates have been dealt and come with some questions for people!

We're starting about 30m. :)