28 Nov: Staff meeting

Captain Cynis gathers her trusted officers and allies to discuss the current events and future plans.

Shift Time: Sunday, Nov 28, Alpha -1

Audience: KDF and allies

Event Type: Social RP

Starting Point: Starship bridge

GM: @gulremal

Meeting transcript

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> Almost a week has passed after the orion mercenary fleet was chased from the Udran system. With the arrival of the Sorzal’s codes, control of the satellite defense network of the Kunang shipyards was reestablished and Woldan task force was finally able to reach the main shipyard facility and assist their Sorzal allies in restoring order.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: The Team spent most of this time in harrying the splintered mercenary force, preventing them from regrouping anywhere close to the Udran system. Once the mercs were fully chased away, the Team returned to the Udran system to be greeted by the rest of the reinforcements from Hurq Mevik, led by IKS Daramar. They were all promptly invited to a small feast/staff meeting at the Daramar’s mess hall.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> The officer mess hall is empty save the servants and the main table is customarily filled with food and drinks, and light music can be heard in the background.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Now that was a battle to remember!” she comments as she takes a seat

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: smiles as they all enter and offers them seats It’s good to see you again! grins at B’Atar I read the reports Bara sent me, but it would be far more interesting to hear it directly from the Heroes of Udran!

Egzo@HF_Mudd has wasted no time in tucking in, as usual. He already has a full plate of assorted morsels before him, and a mug of bloodwine close at hand.

Egzo@HF_Mudd acknowledges, “It /was/ pretty excitin’. Specially the parts where stuff blew up, and we didn’t.”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Lagos was full of praise of your performance during the entire operation. I would lie to say I am not envious that I missed all of the excitement!

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “I’ve still got one of those super-torpedoes. Never got the chance to fire it since we fired the pulse and was busy trying not to get hit after,” she chuckles. “Think Lagos’ll mind if we keep it?”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: shrugs If he didn’t ask it back…

Egzo@HF_Mudd finishes the thought, in between stuffing his toothy gob: “Yours now.”

B’Atar@anncarise grins, “Great! Can’t wait to see what it does to another ship…”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: I can’t really remember last time we fought orion capital ship…when we first had to deal with Maral? That was ages ago…

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “I’ve certainly never seen one go down in an explosion like that!”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "And how 'bout that gas mining station, huh?

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “And those were some good fireworks too!”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: rises her mug Well, I’m proud of what you did here, your actions reflect on the entire task force. To your health and more victories to come!

Egzo@HF_Mudd raises his mug in answer to the toast.

Aestae Vali@crystyll raises one as well.

B’Atar@anncarise raises her mug as well.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: she takes a good sip from her mug

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "So how goes the rest of the war?

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Beat me to it by 1 second

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Lagos apologizes for not being present, as he’s got another dumpster fire to handle

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: I was literally typing the same thing haha

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: Heh.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: grumbles With the complete breakdown of the communications as the KDF High Command was effectively dissolved, any tidbits of info come from my personal contacts.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: J’mpok and J’ula are still playing cat and mouse in the core, no one yet gaining any real advantage. Qo’nos is still in J’mpok’s control, but discontent is obviously mounting everywhere as this power struggle keeps dragging on. This simply shows how neither of the two are really the popular choice.

B’Atar@anncarise chugs from her mug, “What about this business Lagos is dealing with? Any idea if it’ll lead us to another battle?”

[Local] Aestae Vali@crystyll: “From what I’ve seen of you lot so far, I’d almost guarantee it”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: He’s got a case of…ghoS jabwl’ formenting in his territories.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: They are some kind of legendary rebel group.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: takes a sip and leans back in her chair You won’t find much, if any, written records of their existence, as they were expunged from klingon records.

[Emotes] B’Atar@anncarise: rolls 67 (1-100)

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: These “noble slayers” were behind the largest civilian uprising the Empire has ever known

Egzo@HF_Mudd is too busy quaffing and chewing to offer more than raised brows at that

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: The rebellion was, of course, brutally crushed, but the stories remain, even with the data purges.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “I’ve heard of these ghoS jabwl’. Pretty popular among the commoners, apparently they’re said to punish bad nobles and all. Was started by a commoner called Ch’g’wara back in Kaarg’s chancellorship after a noble executed her family. Kaarg wasn’t very popular.”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “This group must be inspired by the old stories. But from what I’ve heard about Mo’Kai, I have a feeling these new ghoS jabwl’ aren’t righteous rebels. Probably being played as pawns.”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: noms a piece of blood pie That was the guy who took over after Azetbur, right? The one who prohibited females from being House leads without special dispensation?

Egzo@HF_Mudd snorts into his mug, then drains the rest of it and sets it back on the table.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: nods to B’Atar Lagos also thinks the same, but he isn’t sure that it was Mo’Kai that are behind this. Lagos did a lot of reforms to fix the chaos his father left, and his people hold him in high regard.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: That’s why this group so far has very limited success. But they have some serious backing, as they were seen sporting military grade firearms and even starships.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Aye, that’s Kaarg. Lagos definitely isn’t anything like him.”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Seems they’re being supported, probably by Mo’Kai or one of their allies.”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Most of the currently observed ships were of…“discount bin at the scrapyard” quality, but even that can work against weakly defended systems.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Especially with the KDF divided and stretched fighting ourselves. Leaves a lot of systems vulnerable.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods. “Like the Rule of Acquisition says, war is good for business. Includin’ when that business is piracy.”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Lagos went back to Woldan Prime to regroup his fleet and convene with local colonial magistrates about upgrades to their planetary defenses.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: He asked me- us, to see if we can find more about these rebels and their backers. Once the situation at the shipyards is fully under control, we will head to Kovok system at the old klingon-federation neutral zone.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: There’s a privately owned trading station there that’s seen a great deal of traffic since the civil war started. It’s open to all factions as long as they keep it civil. This is the best place to start looking for clues. Lagos is on good terms with the station owner, and they should be amenable to our plight - if nothing by providing clues.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods to Sadia, knowing full well the value of such freeports, having frequented several in his time.

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: As a “warrior of negotiable allegiance”. ;)

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: (merc :p)

[Team] Sadia@gulremal: :)

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: hehe

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: So, that’s the next job for you. I’ll be handling an invasion of Sorzal colony by another local House.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: On my way here, I was a witness of a failed “peace forum” on federation starbase. House D’ewos wanted to bring the local Houses, Sorzal and Mar’voga, to discuss peace, even some kind of an alliance.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: The entire affair was a mess. The Mar’voga and Sorzal reps didn’t even come, and someone let a rep of some local gorn rebel group in. So the klingons in attendance beat the poor reptile to death before security managed to knock them out. growls A shameful display full of usual banter and insults, topped by a murder of the unarmed diplomat. grunts So, we can expect other local players to be belligerent if not outright hostile.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Greaaaat.”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Of course the Feds would try to hold some peace forum and it would go all wrong…”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Walk out into the middle of a fight and beg everyone to play nice and be friends.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd rolls his eyes and reaches for another mug.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Yeah. takes a sip of her drink, leans to pick up and open another bottle Well, I think they got cured of it quite fast. Anyhow, enjoy the rest while it lasts.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: I doubt anyone was interested in the peace. Most of the Houses see this as a perfect time to settle scores, the klingon way. And with no one with enough power to keep them in check, it’s a free-for-all out there.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods. “Last time was, what, little before the Dominion War?”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Plenty of time t’ make some new grudges.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd peers into his mug, going quiet as he’s apparently struck by some private thought.

B’Atar@anncarise nods, “Aye. People are just taking this chance to feud. Most of the fighting’s probably not even about the chancellorship.”

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Well, we’ll just have to ride it out and keep the task force alive until order is reestablished.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: But, enough of work for now, let’s enjoy ourselves!

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: – SCENE END –

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