28APR: Cross Fleet Meeting with PoF

The Leadership of a fellow fleet has requested a meeting to discuss upcoming threats. VADM Rilem is headed there for a meeting, in the coming days.

Other personnel available are cleared to accompany. The discussion will likely focus on the looming Iconian threat and how our two fleets will handle it.

The USS Leyte Gulf and USS Paladin are tasked with providing primary escort duty. Other vessels can be added to the convoy via operations.


When: 28 Apr @ 9PM PDT (midnight EDT)

Where: DS13, then to PoF starbase

What: Official Meeting with PoF leadership about looming threats to the Federation

OOC point of contact: @ompgaming1


This is an IC meeting on their starbase to discuss the Iconians War. Anyone is available to attend. Am looking for ships to assist in the escort IC. Have two ships locked in already, one will be taking the Admiral, but others can come to escort as well. Thanks.
So Tuesday at 11 PM Central? I can attend for once woo! \o/
Would love to go, but it's way too late for me. Have fun!
Would be nice to go, but way to late for me also .:(
Wayy too late for me.
As a European this is like mega late for me, but have fun!
As a Brit, I may just go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier to attend. 5am isn't too bad.
I know that the hour of this event will limit who can attend, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this is happening tonight.

You're uh, a more than late, Zel'Drith. Like, by two days.
Totally thought it read Thursday : /
This "event" has passed, but we are scheduling a similar event for another time as this event didn't go entirely as planned. So, stay tuned for new post about an upcoming cross-fleet meeting!
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