29 Aug: The eyes and ears, part 1

Reinforcements from task force Hurq Mevik and allies join forces of House Woldan in Traelus system to protect an important sensor array from J’ula’s allies…

Shift Time: Sunday, Aug 29, Alpha -1

Audience: KDF and allies

Event Type: Starship combat

Starting Point: Starship bridge

GM: @gulremal

Mission log

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> After the recruitment drive on Mehrae homeworld, IKS Daramar escorted the newly hired mercenaries to Starbase 151 in order to coordinate their duties with the remaining KDF forces.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Egzo and other allies were diverted to another location: Traelus system in Ba’jaa sector, close to the Klingon-Federation border in Beta Quadrant. There, they had to move to the sensor network in the local asteroid field, and meet with the forces of the House Woldan, and assist them in their efforts…whatever they are.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> On their way, they were joined by Captain Bara and her newly refitted bird of prey (after the events on Nimbus), and they arrived at the asteroid field in Traelus system…

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Kem: The asteroids are messing up the readings, but we’ve got the listening outpost on sensors, along with three ships in the vicinity. Power signatures say they are klingon.

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“That doesn’t help much with a civil war going on…”

Egzo@HF_Mud snorts and nods. “Well, let’s hail 'em and find out.”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Kem: From this distance, the emissions say one battlecruiser and two raptors. We’ll have to move up closer to get a better reading, though they will definitely detect us.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Shlaak: Hailing frequenciesss open.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> The screen shifts from images of sparse asteroid field to the figure of well-dressed klingon in the command seat on the bridge of a bigger klingon ship.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Councillor Lagos of the House Woldan speaking. his serious face expression changes as he recognizes the newcomers Ahhh, at least someone answered my call for assistance.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> As Lagos talks, smaller images of ship scans appear to the side, showing basic outlines of heavily refitted Vor’cha flanked by two Mat’Ha raptors.

Egzo@HF_Mud straightens up and greets the familiar Klingon. “Hey there, Lagos. So… we’re it, huh?”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: For now, yes. And it will have to do, as the listening post has caught more ships coming this way, and not from the direction I would expect help to arrive.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: This listening post is very important to us. It was established during the last war with the Federation. It changed hands during the war, but in the end it was claimed by the Empire before the armistice was signed.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: My… contacts from the Imperial Intelligence have informed me that the J’ula and her allies will try to either size the facility for their own use, or destroy it to deny the KDF eyes and ears into the four local sectors.

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“This post have any defenses of its own, or is it entirely dependant on our ships here?”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: The information on this outpost was redacted by the Imperial intelligence, so the main defense was its secrecy. The listening post that collects the data from the sensor nets has basic shields and disruptor beams to handle occasional nosy pirate or asteroid collision. It’s not capable of handling any attack by a dedicated force.

Egzo@HF_Mud nods. “Yeah, that figures.” He half-turns his head from the screen. “Hurq Mevik - spread out, stay cloaked, get ready for action. Support the heavies, flank the incoming.”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“On it! How many have we got coming in?”

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“Looks like one cruiser and four destroyers”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Bara: Understood, Barut is cloaking and moving to flanking position.

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Are they still using those refit antiques, or have they got proper ships now?”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: pokes at console on his chair I am sharing the listening post’s sensor readings. Hmmm…never saw these energy signatures before.

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:whoever wants, can try sensor checks to glean more info

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:I’ll see what I get!

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 38 (1-100)

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 65 (1-100)

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 77 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Aww B’Atar usually does well at sensor stuff hehe

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:She really shouldn’t…but the dice usually seems to favour her for it for some reason.

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“looks like Na’Kuhl designs. Big one would be Daemosh and the four others… Tadaari I think”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Shlaak: Can’t figure out thessse sshipss, but we detect tachyon emisssionss…there are most likely more ssshipss hiding…

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Good, five would be too easy! Never met those Na’Kuhl before, though. New allies of the rebels?”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Na’kuhl? Those vagabonds? grunts J’ula is really scraping the bottom of the bloodwine barrel it seems.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: We will stay uncloaked, and face these Na’kuhl. You keep eyes open for cloaked ships.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Bara: Watch out, these guys have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve. Some of their ships can also cloak, and they use holo-decoys.

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Looks like they use plasma energy weapons. Probably their own tech. Might not be able to tell if it has any special properties until they start shooting, though.”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: listens to some klingon shouting to his side Ah, they are hailing us? Interesting, let us hear what they have to say.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Image of Lagos shifts to the side as another appears, that of an uniformed bald grey-looking alien.


[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Na’kuhl: This is captain Va’lak of N.V. Deliverance. Remove your ships from the listening post until our arrival, or we will evict you with force. This is your only warning.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: grins Oh really? I have a counter-offer. Why don’t you and your hidden friends turn around and leave klingon space immediately, or we will kick you so hard your mothers will be wailing!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Na’kuhl: If we know we have reinforcements, then you know your situation is hopeless. You are clearly outmatched. This will not be a fight, it will be a slaughter, and there’s no honor in this.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Kem: Na’kuhl ships are entering the asteroid belt, ETA 2 minutes

Egzo@HF_Mud nods to his first. “Find me a good target.”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: snarls You dare lecture me about honor? Come, and show me how you will “slaughter” me, you fool! cuts comms

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“We’re seeing three klingon cloaks active out there. Can’t get a firing solution through them though”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Me wingmen and I will target the command ship. The faster they are down, the better. You deal with their frigates.

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Aye, chasing down smaller ones is what San’leth’s best at.”

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“We could use an AP sweep to flush them out if you like”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Feel free.”

Aestae Vali@crystyl nods and sees to it.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: I’ll leave that to you to coordinate, if you want to take cloaked ones first, I think we can survive the frigate fire for a while.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Na’kuhl and cloaked ships move in into combat range. Daemosh destroyer deploys decoys as it approaches, now there’s 3 Deliverances on the sensors.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:== ROUND 1 ==

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- Aestae’s action –

Aestae Vali@crystyl sees to the AP sweep to reveal the cloaked ships

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 51 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Antiproton sweep catches 2 cloaked signatures and forces them out of the hiding, two Qaw’dun bird of preys are caught with their shields down!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:The enemy BOPs are in range right?

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Since they were revealed by the sweep they’re probably close enough to attack I’m assuming?

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:yep, thats why aestae was waiting or they would have chance to recloak

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:or raise shields

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth quickly darts towards one of the revealed birds of prey, decloaking and firing to take one out before it has a chance to raise shields.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 84 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> San’leth’s fire is lethal and unforgiving, and one of the birds stands no chance as it’s obliterated

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

Egzo@HF_Mud | Hag’lhr goes after the other sitting duck, er, bird.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 57 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Sitting duck of prey


[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> If it had shields, the BoP would surely survive this attack. But this is not the case, and Hag’lhr’s fire rips both of its wings off, and the rest of the ship moves powerlessly forward… until it reaches the defense perimeter of the listening post and is destroyed by its beam arrays.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Bara: Ha, I know that trick! Let’s try this!

[Emotes]Sadia@gulrema:rolls 88 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Barut rushes past the remains of the first destroyed BoP and decloaks, emitting some kind of warp bubble for a fraction of a second. While there’s no direct damage to anyone, two fake Daemosh destroyers blink out of existence.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Excellent! Target the Na’kuhl command ship and open fire!



[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> I.K.S. Malpara, flagship of House Woldan and her two wingmen open fire on the surprised Na’kuhl destroyer, dropping their forward shield and scoring multiple direct shots at it’s hull.

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Let’s hope we didn’t use all our luck in the first round…


[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Destroyer is thrown off course as it fires its plasma wave weapon, the cone catching only one of the Mat’Ha raptors, but it’s enough to overload the latter’s defenses and throw it out of fight for the time being. Four Na’kuhl frigates beeline for the Malpara, peppering its front shields as they release plasma clouds behind them, making chasing them bit harder than usual.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Lagos: Front shields down 50 percent. Those Na’kuhl glob flies pack some punch after all!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:== ROUND 2 ==

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<OOC> Two BoPs destroyed, Na’kuhl destroyer’s front shield down, moderate front hull damage. 4 Na’kuhl frigates intact. Last cloaked bogey unaccounted for.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- Aestae’s turn –

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos comes around for a heavy assault on the exposed front of the destroyer.

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 52 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Morakos’ fire scores more hits on destroyer’s exposed front hull, burning through armor plating and destroying multiple plasma beam emitters and forward torpedo tube, crippling it’s combat capabilities and further weakening it’s structural stability.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth goes to chase after an undamaged frigate to divide the enemy’s attention and hopefully take more of them out.

B’Atar@anncaris | Once it closes the distance and reaches weapons range, it fires a barrage from its mixed disruptor/polaron arsenal.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 75 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> San’leth’s fire drops the shields of one of the frigates and scores a hit on it’s engines, forcing it to veer away.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:| Hag’lhr again goes after the enemy that San’leth isn’t shooting at, at the moment.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 52 (1-100)

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:Solidly average rolls :/

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:ah well.

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:I was expecting like single digits after the success of the last round hehe

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:As long as it doesn’t steadily drop into single digits in like round 4 or something…

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:I jinxed us didn’t I…

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:We’ll see.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Evading the plasma cloud, Hag’lhr moves behind another frigate and peppers their shields, dropping them to 50%.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Barut turns around and goes for unshielded frigate, trying to finish it off before it can regroup.

[Emotes]Sadia@gulrema:rolls 75 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Barut’s fire rips off one of it’s wings, and it circles away uncontrollably until it hits one of the asteroids.


[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Bara: Sorry not sorry B’atar! Focus fire!

B’Atar@anncaris chuckles, “Don’t worry about it! I was gonna let it go and chase after another one to keep them busy anyways!”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Three remaining frigates keep pounding at the Malpara’s front shields, almost suicidally so. Remaining Mat’Ha raptor engages one of them and forces it to back away as it strips frigate’s shields.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Malpara moves to bring its forward weapons to bear on the listing Na’kulh destroyer.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Finish i- interrupted by shouting from his tactical officer

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> A klingon SuQob raptor decloaks in front of Malpara and opens fire, stripping Malpara’s front shields and scoring a hit on her left wing. Malpara returns the favor but misses half of the shots due to surprise. That’s still enough to drop the SuQob’s front shields down to 50%

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<SuQob> Head of the house Woldan himself! That would be a great catch for me, commander Droga!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Droga, you worthless K’lek mutt! I will have your head for this!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Na’kuhl destroyer moves forward, venting plasma, trying to shake off Morakos and re-establish forward shields.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:== ROUND 3 ==

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- Aestae’s action –

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:aesta, due to plasma, you will have penalties on actions against the destroyer

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos turns on the next nearest frigate.

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 20 (1-100)

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:keeping the roll?

[Team]Aestae Vali@crystyl:hmm

[Team]Aestae Vali@crystyl:will give it another go

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 13 (1-100)

[Team]Aestae Vali@crystyl:…


[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Yup definitely jinxed us earlier…

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Morakos switches targets to closest frigate, but frigate manages to stay out Morakos firing arcs…

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth swoops in to try and intercept the destroyer that has lost forward shields, aiming to drop right in front of it and take advantage of the failed shields before they can be restored

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 69 (1-100)

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:I ain’t sayin’ it.


[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:At least it’s not a low number!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> San’leth’s fire finally finds the weak spot in the exposed destroyer’s hull, along with the main EPS relay in the forward section of the ship, blowing that part of the ship away. Rest of the ship keeps moving forward until it reaches the automated defenses of the listening post…

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:I have a frigate in front of me with 50% shields, right?

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:yes, and remaining Mat’Ha raptor has dropped the shields of another frigate

Egzo@HF_Mud continues harrying his current target, trying to finish the Na’kuhl frigate.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 18 (1-100)

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:reroll coming up.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 65 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Hag’lhr’s fire completely drops the shields of the frigate and scores a hull hit, forcing the frigate to give up on attacking Malpara and veer off, cloaking.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Barut swings around and goes for the shieldless frigate again.

[Emotes]Sadia@gulrema:rolls 38 (1-100)

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Barut’s fire clips one of the frigate wings, enough to force it into evasive maneuvers and cloaking…

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> Remaining frigate follows suit, as it veers off and cloaks away…

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Droga: Worthless alien curs! I told Gortan they should not be trusted! Count your blessings, Lagos, as you live…for now.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:<FX> SuQob raptor speeds past Malpara as it engages cloak. Malpara’s aft weapons fire in the general area of the retreating raptor, with no effect.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Yes, scurry away like an arkanian rat! Next time we meet on the field of battle I won’t let you get away.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Kem: All remaining enemies have disengaged. We are in the clear.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Bara: That was fun. Pity Na’kuhl didn’t want to stay and fight a bit more!

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: K’lek bastards. They babble about “klingon purity” but hire pirates to do their dirty work. Pah!

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:That’s what us pirates are for, eh? grins nastily

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: You have done great work. I would had to fall back if it was not for your assistance, and J’ula’s dogs would control this place.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: We will haul our damaged ships for repairs. Captain Cynis said she will be arriving with more volunteers within a week. Unless you have different arrangements, you are free to use Woldan facilities in Ba’aja system. That are our headquarters for this sector.

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Sounds good t’ me. Let us know if you need anything else.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Or anyone else dead.”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“We’ll be happy to join in another fight like this.”

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: There will be more work to be done soon. Once captain Cynis arrives, I or my Gin’tak Woruth will brief you on the current situation.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:Lagos: Until then, I wish you good hunting. Lagos out.

[Local]Sadia@gulrema:-- SCENE END –

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:and that’s the beginning of the klingon civil war arc!

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:this icly happened a week after the mycellial weapon attack on Khitomer, so far the party line is that J’ula is behind it.

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Makes sense!

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Curious to see where things go next time!

[Team]Sadia@gulrema:thank you all for coming, next time should be a briefing with lagos


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