29 Nov: Alarian gambit

KDF and allies help defend an Alarian colony in hopes of securing their assisstancein a fight against the incoming Sheliak fleet.

Shift Time: Sunday, Nov 29, Alpha -1

Audience: Klingon and allies

Event Type: Combat RP

Starting Point: Starship bridge

OOC point of contact: @gulremal

Mission log

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal:<FX> After the battle with the Bodyguards squadron, the team heads back to SB 151 in preparations for the arrival of the Sheliak fleet. Most of raiders and raptors are tasked with slowing down the enemy advance, while Sadia and rest of the command try to gather more support for the incoming battle.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: With Sadia gone to secure additional heavy weapons shipment for colonial defense from the Morrs Combine, rest of the team is headed to the almavian colony of Honest Labor.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Recently conquered by Alarian Fiefdoms, the colony is recovering from a terrible space battle that took place in the colony’s orbit. The request to help came from Matriarch Berylia, and as the squadron is close to arrive, they receive the hail…

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> appears on the holoprojector It is good to see some familiar faces.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Matriarch, it is always a pleasure. Though the circumstances could be better… what is the latest situation there?”

Kodon@Nitroglycerin flashes a grin!

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: We’re in the high orbit of the colony, deploying atmospheric renewers to fix the damage done by the battle. It was a one sided affair, and almavian fleet was decimated. Unfortunately their power

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: - technology wasn’t as clean and their demise meant that lot of plasma waste polluted the atmosphere. However, that’s not the problem we face today.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “I figured you weren’t just calling us to help with mopping up. Though the OSN fleet does have sufficient capacity for logistical support if you do require aid on that front.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “So what exactly is today’s problem?”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Yesterday, as we set to work, our sensors caught a massive power signature leaving the second gas giant in the system and heading our way. We sent drones to investigate and it seems we’ve

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: - got a…well, the best way to explain would be a “space eel” an image appears on the main screen behind her

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: https://imgur.com/Axpb7HE

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: some of you might remember encountering one of these when you went to free the D’rexian Prophet from the center of the local Badlands

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “That is… quite the pest problem.”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “ugh, not ANOTHER one.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> We usually steer clear of these creatures, as they are as dangerous as they are magnificent. Bloodspear clan tend to organize big hunts once they approach our space, but that happens once

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: - in a century and is a rare issue. This one must have been feeding on the giant’s gasses for years to grow this large. once translators kick in, scribbles around the eel’s image translate to length of 2.7 miles

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “So you want us to hunt this thing for you?”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “That is one big eel…”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> This colony is property of Windstrider clan, and they’ve dispatched a squadron from their headquarters, but they will be too late to the party, as you’d say.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “I’ll take that as a yes then.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods grimly

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Well, the eel is looking for a planet with suitable atmosphere to lay its eggs. Unfortunately, that means it will consume most of the oxygen in the process. to Lorri We need to chase it off,

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: - make it go somewhere else. If it comes to pass, and if we are able to, then yes, we will be forced to destroy it.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “I too would prefer not to kill an innocent creature just because its natural lifecycle is an inconvenience.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> I can bet my Forge Keeper would like to get her hands on that thing’s armored hide and warp spines, but I agree, I’d prefer if we just convince it to go somewhere else.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin strokes his beard thoughtfully.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> I will join you with my ship as soon as you enter the system. Our Farseers have tried to contact the creature, but it’s mind is too…different to establish a mental link.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “At least we have experience of these creatures” looks to the others, “Thoughts?”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “For starters, need another planet around here that’ll do.”

Kodon@Nitroglycerin nods and grunts, “And we’ll need to make it the more appealing choice.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “My girls are already running through the astrometrics data for the region to identify potential alternatives.”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Been a while since I’ve been on a hunt, but I don’t mind just luring it elsewhere either. Things like that is probably pretty rare and we don’t want to kill them all.”

B’Atar@anncarise grins, “Got to leave some for future generations to hunt.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> The creature is warp capable, though longer travels deplete it’s power reserves.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "If that thing’s loaded down with eggs, it /should/ be a bit slower. Whatever good that’ll do.

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 37 (1-100)

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Ok… we’ve got an L-Class planet in an uninhabited system. Only 0.9LY from here, just across the Empire’s border.”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “So how’d we lure it over…?”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Do we know what gasses it is most attracted to?”

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: kodon, egzo, rolls pls

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: sorry if I’m slow, bit sick so took me a bit to find what I needed

[Emotes] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: rolls 67 (1-100)

[Emotes] B’Atar@anncarise: rolls 99 (1-100)

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Woah

Kodon@Nitroglycerin is handed a PADD by a science officer, and he starts scrolling through it. “Hrmn… Hydrogen and helium. Not that rare. That’s in our favor.”

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 91 (1-100)

Egzo@HF_Mudd is looking off screen and nodding a lot to the hissing, muffled speech of his science Gorn.

[Team] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: You know this means when it comes time to execute the plan we’ll all be rolling 12 and below.

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Haha yeah…

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: of course.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: "Looks like we found quite a bit of data on these eels in our own databases. Apparently the Great Houses hunted them to near-extinction in Klingon space.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Naturally.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “At least it’s not only Tribbles then…”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: "Their skin is thick enough to serve as battlecruiser armour and can withstand most energy weapons. And they can create some sort of lightning field that’ll take out torpedoes and fighters.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: "Apparently the lightning field is stronger the bigger it gets, so it’ll be pretty strong on this one, maybe enough to damage bigger ships. And it’s got offensive capability too.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: "Apparently it can breathe plasma. Dangerous like a pulsewave at close range, but it can spit it further. Not very accurate, though.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Yeah, takin’ this thing on ain’t the way. We need to lure it. And me and Shlaak got just the thing.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd taps at his chair arm. “Sending you the specs now.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd transmits some data on a modified probe, rigged to emit ion pulses.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “'Course, those eels were a lot smaller. We’re gonna need bigger bait.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks around for volunteers…?

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> looks at the schematics That’s…very interesting. But yes, this creature will not be attracted by such…meager offering.

Lorri@crystyll 's head slumps, “I don’t even need to see your eyes to know you’re looking at me, aren’t you…”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: "We can make the bait more appealing by making the current destination less so.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Well, you definitely look…approachable, but my vessel can also be of use.

[Emotes] N’Py See@gulremal: rolls 89 (1-100)

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Even the most stubborn Targ will move if enough stinging insects bite at it. If we both give it the scent of a better area to lay eggs, and make it’s current path seem dangerous or bothersome…”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Hmmmm…seems like that plasma attack is actually a way for the creature to release the waste…which means the plasma waste is not something it likes.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “So we herd it by venting plasma in strategic locations to block it’s path and steer it in the right direction”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “…and the atmosphere is currently polluted by the same. Perhaps the clean up should be postponed.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods to the Old Man.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Luck’s funny that way, but I’ll take it.”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Meanwhile a cloaked ship can lead it by venting trace amounts of hydrogen and helium for it to notice.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> That could work…as much as I dislike to postpone the mission, anything that will save the colony on the long run is a good solution.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “We don’t need to show it the meal, if it can smell it.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> I’m reversing the renewers work, and venting collected waste back into the atmospere. If your idea doesn’t work, we can always dump more plasma. I’ll also order the civilians evacuate to shelters for the duration of this action

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> However, this means I’ll have to stay in the colony’s orbit to oversee this reversal doesn’t mess up things even further.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Sure, you do that. We got this.”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “… right?”

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 10 (1-100)

Kodon@Nitroglycerin chuckles, “Of course!”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “So, which one of us should do the cloaked work? Or all of us except Thana?”

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 92 (1-100)

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “I figured, yeah.”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Gonna need a lotta wranglers to get this one movin’ the right direction.”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “And then keep it goin’.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Ok, we have a plan to add a little seasoning to the Thana.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “I have teams tying our deflector assembly into the shield grid so we can - essentially - project a consistent ion ‘pulse’ around the ship.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Of course, this means our shield systems will be completely tied up and so non-functional in any other sense…”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “In that case, we must prepare a contingency if you should be attacked by the eel.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Bold solution, I applaud your ingenuity.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “I suggest if that happens, our three remaining ships cause a distraction through a running fight to give time for Thana to escape notice.”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Aye, we’ll have you covered, Tabadi.”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “One ship cloaked, two ships uncloaked. One draws it’s attention, the other fires along the flank until it takes the attention. The previous target cloaks, and the uncloaked ship takes its place…”

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods to Kodon’s application of hunting strategy

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “…as the one firing on the other flank. We constantly cycle through as it gives chase.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “If anything should happen, it will take us a few minutes to restore shields; depending mostly how fast the eel moves and how willing it will be to expel energy chasing us.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> We will join you in combat if things become critical.

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: you guys ready to move on with ze plan?

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Remember, the goal is only to distract. If we work perfectly in sync it will be unable to determine our numbers and think itself assailed by a a great number of ships.”

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: Think so!

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Yup!

[Team] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: yup

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods, trying to project confidence. “Yeah. No problem.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> An hour or so later, squadron has arrived in the system. Marshall Berylia’s ship, Ascendance, is in orbit of the colony, controlling the

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: - large spherical devices in the upper atmosphere as they methodically dump back the pollution.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Soon their sensors and screens show a massive eel like creature, moving at quarter impulse towards the planet

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> So far, creature has taken no notice of the ships - or is simply paying them no mind.

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “There she is! ahhh… there she is.” </khan>

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: YES

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: : )

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: okay, i am listening one of my favorite streamers in the background, and they say “There she is.” (reacting to something in game they are streaming). This is freaky.

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: heh.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Reverse process is going fine, we are also preparing to dump more plasma if necessary.

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Wow hah.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Goddesses protect you all!

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “We’re ready with the ion pulse here.”

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: i’m not gonna use rounds here, unless something goes really wrong

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: it’s free form for now, so you can coordinate stuffs more freely

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: And now this is where things start going really wrong because we got some good rolls earlier…

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: hehe

Kodon@Nitroglycerin leans foward in his chair, eyeing the beast, “Beautiful, isn’t she? Alright! Activate the pulse! All ships stand ready to release plasma if it requires more incentive! Qapla’!”

Egzo@HF_Mudd takes a deep breath, and orders Rritt to start his first strafing run on the beast’s flanks. Wouldn’t do to let the Old Man or B’Atar have all the glory, right?

Lorri@crystyll nods to her bridge crew who jump into action and position the Thana favorably while activating the pulse.

[Team] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: oh no

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 34 (1-100)

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 46 (1-100)

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: and here come the ‘meh’ rolls.

B’Atar@anncarise | San’leth stands ready as well, getting into position and waiting.

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: at least it’s only meh.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Thana Vaneri lights up like a certain decorative tree as it powers up the ion pulse. Even though they are a bit away, power on other ships dims for a second from the first “blast” before they adapt.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> This definitely gets the eels attention as it starts changing it’s trajectory towards Thana. Hag’lhr’s fire hits the flank of the creature, but the bolts are absorbed without much reaction…

Lorri@crystyll FX | Thana adjusts course & speed accordingly to try and keep in front of the creature without “getting away”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Hag’lhr and other BoPs stay outside the calculated range of the creature’s lightning field, which does reduce effectiveness of the cannons

Kodon@Nitroglycerin jolts out of his chair and shouts over comms, “Egzo! What are you doing!? There’s not need to distract yet!”

Egzo@HF_Mudd grumbles and replies, “Just givin’ it a little poke to get it started! Keep your ridges on, Old Man.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd does tell his helmcat to break off once the giant eel is headed in the right direction - the lure, not the planet.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin grumbles and curses as he retakes his seat.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> The eel follows Thana’s pulses for a bit, but then it starts to lose interest and veers off. Maybe a stronger pulse might keep it in line?

Lorri@crystyll 's crew try to increase power to the pulse

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 84 (1-100)

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: "Looks like we’re losing it. San’leth can distract if you think we need to!.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “It’s turning! Release some plasma in its new path!”

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: b’atar, roll

[Emotes] B’Atar@anncarise: rolls 17 (1-100)

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Noooo!

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: I jinxed myself

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Will take the reroll.

[Emotes] B’Atar@anncarise: rolls 52 (1-100)

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Aha!

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Much better.

B’Atar@anncarise | San’leth rushes forward, releasing plasma and trying to dissuade the eel from turning away.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> As the massive creature starts turning back to the planet, it’s spikes come in contact with plasma cload and it forces the creature to jolt as hit by lightning itself. At that moment, another

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: - powerful ion pulse shoots from the Thana, and creature turns to the orion ship with renewed interest, speeding up towards its lure.

Lorri@crystyll FX | Thana adjusts speed to account for the eel’s short attention span.

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: Still a longer attention span than Skyrim dragons…hehe

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Thana speeds up, but so does the eel! It’s hooked now and rushing for its prize!

[Team] Lorri@crystyll: goldfish have longer attention spans than them!

Lorri@crystyll FX | Thana increases speed now so it doesn’t get too close

[Team] B’Atar@anncarise: I know right!

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Eel shoots a large gout of plasma at Thana, but this one misses wide. Lighting arcs can be seen across the creature’s body as it keeps matching impulse speed with Thana, making it troublesome for BoPs to keep up

Egzo@HF_Mudd frowns and orders a little more power to engines.

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: everyone, a roll for engines, as this is starting to be an endurance chase

[Emotes] B’Atar@anncarise: rolls 48 (1-100)

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 12 (1-100)

[Emotes] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: rolls 32 (1-100)

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 24 (1-100)

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> BoPs are barely keeping the pace with the eel, while Thana is forced to burn through most of the emergency batteries to keep ahead of the eel who releases two more plasma blasts at its prey.

Egzo@HF_Mudd mutters a lot, looking between the tactical display and various readouts. Hag’lhr’s built for sprints and pouncing, not this sort of thing.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Both blasts miss, but last one was very very close - eel’s targeting is getting better. However, before it can shoot more, Thana reaches the outskirts of the system and jumps to warp.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “If we can’t keep up, get some distance from the eel and then utilize a short warp jump to catch back up!”

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Now that was exciting! You cut it close, Thana!”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Eel slows down for a while, confused, but another ion pulse from the Thana in warp is all that’s needed. Eel’s spikes charge up, as it forms its own warp field, and continues the chase!

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Let’s not pat ourselves on the back too early now. Still got to get this thing off us at the other end…”

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 75 (1-100)

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> Half an hour later, Thana drops out of warp in the targeted system, eel jumping out less than a minute later. After releasing couple of more pulses, leading the creature to the L-class planet, Thana powers down its deflector/shield systems and goes into stealth mode

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <FX> The eel, confused by the sudden disappearance of the prey, circles around its last known location for a while, and then continues towards the L-class planet while Thana slips away to the outskirts of the system, where other ships join her.

Kodon@Nitroglycerin smacks the arm of his chair and grins, “Qapla’!”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Well done!”

Lorri@crystyll finally relaxes and breathes again now she’s not verging on being eaten by a giant space eel.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Nice. Real nice. 'Course ya know, I’d follow that aft anywhere.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd leers at Lorri’s image.

B’Atar@anncarise laughs, “Thought Orions weren’t your thing, Egzo!”

Lorri@crystyll leans back and to the side as she observes the leering. Just enough to be naturally playful and not defensive.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Doesn’t mean I don’t know a good thing when I see it.”

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “HAW!”

Lorri@crystyll grins, “Can’t fault your judgement. So is this what happens when you don’t get your fill of blowing things up?”

Egzo@HF_Mudd shrugs at Lorri. “I don’t hafta blow things up, I just /like/ to.”

Lorri@crystyll chuckles.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> That was something, indeed. You’ve done a great thing today. The colony is safe, and we can continue our work to fix it’s atmosphere. I thank you all in the name of the Alarian people.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “I hope the delay to the clean up does not cause too much trouble for you, Matriarch.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> I can’t complain, and neither can the Windstrider clan, for leaving the colony so open. They have agreed to divert the squadron that was supposed to arrive here to assist you with these… Sheliak interlopers. I will also join them, as soon as the restoration process is set right

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Your assistance will be most welcome.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> My people are not the friendliest around, but we repay the favors. However, you should keep an eye on that eel and its eventual offspring.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods again. "Think we could sell the hunting rights?

Egzo@HF_Mudd grins.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Sell the hunting rights? Why would you ever want to give them up!”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Just be sure they don’t sneak up on some of your colonies. Their warp profile is quite low for a creature of such size.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Stealthy too…definitely want to keep the hunting rights,” she smirks.

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> The way they handle the subspace is very…intriguing and worth investigating.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “We’ll be on the lookout for them. And if they cause trouble again, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of Klingons crews lining up for a chance at them!”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> I heard there are similar creatures that live inside the subspace itself, though many dismiss this as scare stories of the first spacefarers.

[Local] B’Atar@anncarise: “Who knows, maybe once the political mess in Klingon space clears up, we’ll even get Great House visitors!”

[Team] N’Py See@gulremal: our systemcraft is full of eels

[Team] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: lol

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "I don’t suppose present company is the ideal place to suggest securing this uninhabited system as a ‘preserve’ of sorts for this creature so it can be studied more in depth…

Egzo@HF_Mudd just snorts at the idea, proving Lorri’s point.

[Local] Kodon@Nitroglycerin: “Studying it is a good idea. We could learn quite a bit from it.”

B’Atar@anncarise nods, “Aye. It’s certainly got some interesting capabilities.”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Eh, you do that and let me know what ya find out.”

[Local] N’Py See@gulremal: <Berylia> Well, it’s within your space now, so it’s yours to deal with. We will head to your station as soon as Windstrider reenforcements arrive. Strength and Honor. *her holo disappears

Lorri@crystyll leans in, exaggerating the point, “/thankyou/ Kodon. After all, it’s only an eel. Not like a tribble or anything…” she smirks again.

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