3-2-12: Casual Meeting Mixer Thingy - Seeing New Faces

Yeah my brain derped and I can't think of the word I need. Basically, once a month I want to do a 'get to know the new members ICly' casual Starbase roleplay night. This doesn't necessarily mean hang out at the bar all evening, but more of a 'let's get everyone on the starbase at the same time to RP out the good life and meet the new recruits!'

..I take no responsibility for the comprehensiveness of this post.

March 2nd. 6pm EST. Be thar or something.
Oh man.... CHOICES! Who to bring, Darius or Shan?

I can't decide!
Isn't the word your looking for Ice Breaker?
That is a very good selection of two words. Yes! That could well be the phrase I'm looking for.
ain't gnna make it as it's my aunt's 40th and i'll be like (As my aunt puts it) Daniel Craig for the the day
Happy birthday to your aunt!