3 May: The Problem Of Time

RRW Anarhai and USS Robau are being sent out to investigate a temporal anomaly located near the border of Federation and Republic space. The scientific advancements promised by early screening of this anomaly are rather tantalizing and the two governments have decided to share the results. Go with the Anarhai and the Robau and check it out!

- - -

When: 3 May @ alpha (yes, tomorrow)

Where: Beta Quadrant, bridges.

What: Star-Trekky technobabble problem to solve!

OOC point of contact: @aumerie, @renagademuffin

(OOC NOTE: This is a problem-solving event that will require you to be creative with what you know of Trek tech and Trek cosmology! It will be "timed," in that your ability to come up with a good solution will DIRECTLY and PERMANENTLY affect one or more player characters... perhaps your own*... dun dun dun!)

* only with your permission, of course!
((Hanabi: Uhh, stick that thing where the other thing goes, and connect it to the radiomathinamadongle to bypass whateverthehellthatis and point and shoot!... *Ducks behind console.* Make it so.

All kidding aside, I am interested, but not sure what, and if I'd be more than comedy in a situation like this.))
I'll be there! I may be 5-10 minutes late depending on work though.
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I'll try to be there! Rixy gone safe all y'all~
It does sound interesting but i wont make it. Work is in the way again. Perhaps next time.
Think about how any problem is solved. Idea people idea, technical people technical, and together they make stuff like the iPhone. :) Star Trek needs all talents.

Or, you know, you could just experience the problem, which will be a different kind of RP. :)
Gah! Curse my shortsightedness, I won't be there to send a resonance pulse along the tachyon stream to spectroanalyze the chroniton decay emissions!

But best of luck to you though, lemme know how it goes!
Will try to come. If the stars align and I get home soon enough :p
Anne will be there.
We'll be launching directly at alpha from a bridge. Those of you that come later, please consider yourself reinforcements.
Im interested. I'll be 20-30 late though so I can bring out the others in the vanguard from an rp standpoint or whatever, assuming its still happening.
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