31 Aug | Armed and Ready

A peculiarly-armed Xedi vessel crosses into the Aldebaran sector, not too distant from Deep Space 13. It is unusual enough to raise eyebrows--and perhaps, shields.


When: 31 Aug @ beta +2

Audience: Open Multiple ships may attend, must have a reason to be aboard a ship! (You can be visiting or a guest)

Event Type: Structured/ Social

Starting Point: Victory ship bridge

OOC point of contact: @dryadae


This is a ship-based mission. Characters on various ships will communicate using comms in fleet chat or holocalls.
I Cotte wait to attend this.

I Cotte attend this. :(
I can't downvote you.
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I will happily bring Nimitz and the Pegasus
Put me up as a maybe, depending on scheduling.
Need to check how many of my crew can show up for that time, but I'd like to take part also!
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I would also like to attend this event!
What's the worst that can happen. I'm in
Following up Alyx noting here and in Shackleton OOC, I can be available as Tala on said ship for this.
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I might be an hour or so late, due to D&D.
This is today!