31 May: Into the Maw, part 6

KDF and allies succeeded in recovering the weapon, but the search for the proper ammunition continues...


When: Sunday, May 31, Alpha-1

Audience: Klingon and allies

Event type: Social RP

Starting point: Starship bridge

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
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Spoiler: Mission LogShow
[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> The team is on their way back to SB 151, carrying the salvaged railgun...

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Shlaak: We are receiving long range communicationsss from wejpuH tuI,

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Shlaak: It is the captain Cynisss.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "eh? Put her through, then."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: <FX> After some static video feed appears of Sadia, with some chatter noise and the massive hallway arcs of the Great Hall in the background. Sadia's face is anything but happy.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Finally. Do you hear me?

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "We can hear you, Captain. We got the gun. How's it going on your end?"

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: At least you have some good news. *looks around for a second* I haven't had luck getting an audience with the Council yet. Seems that new expansion prospects to galactic east of the main imperial -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - space have popped up, and this is now only thing everyone's willing to talk about. So until the big boys sort out who gets to invade what, my issue will be sitting in the backlog. *grumbles*

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Building out, away from the rest of the Alliance?"

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Well, there's been quite a large scale exploration effort into that part of space going on for years, and the compiled results were presented to the Council just a day before my arrival. Considering -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - only the Empire borders this space, I doubt the Alliance will be asked for any kind of assistance.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods. "I mean, I figure that's half the point - doesn't step on anyone else's toes, or claims."

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Right now, though, bad luck for us."

B'Atar@anncarise nods, "Aye. Smart move, but not good for us right now. Politics..."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: *shrugs* Anyway, I'm...exploring some other options to get to Imperial Forge, but for now, I must accept we cannot count to get the ammo for the gun this way.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: That's why we will do what we should have done in the first place...look on the local scale.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Got a supplier in mind?"

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: I've sent IKS K'galan your way, they will pick up the gun and transfer to you part of the neutronium stash I've left on the base as a reserve.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: As soon as this is done, you'll divert into Alarian space and head to the HQ of the Fireblade Clan, the Torret system.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: I spoke with Matriarch Berylia just an hour ago. I did remember that despite what their clan name might suggest, they are actually the best craftsfolk in the Fiefdoms. Berylia has-

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - allowed us entry into their space and secured the meeting with her clan's "Forge Keeper", the head of their craft guilds and overseer of their biggest facility, the "Divine Forge".

Egzo@HF_Mudd 's only comment is "Fancy."

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: I'm sending you the coordinates of this location and the access codes. Berylia did note that she has no direct command of this Keeper, and it's up on us - you to petition her for aid. I believe you -

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - already have the ammo schematics, the ones we modified for our need from the original Morrs design.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: *to Lorri* Tabadi, you should have access to the "business expense" account I've set up for these occasions. I do not know what the Forge Keeper will ask for payment, but you are free to negotiate as-

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: - you see fit, I will compensate any unexpected expenses. *pauses* Just don't offer them cloaking devices, mkay?

Lorri@crystyll chuckles, "After how long it took us to get our own hands on one? No chance"

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: All right, I do have to get back to tugging at important people's sleeves. Do you folks have anything in mind I should look up while I'm here?

B'Atar@anncarise shakes her head, "Nothing I can think of, Captain."

Egzo@HF_Mudd shakes his head too.

Lorri@crystyll also shakes her head

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Very well. Inform me how did the meeting go, and good luck! Cynis out. *her image cuts out and is replaced by warp screen saver*

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Rritt: Got the codes and the coordinates.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Prepare to alter course." This is something that has to be coordinated between everyone dragging the old turret.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: Shlaak: ETA to meeting point with IKS K'Galan, 32 minutesss.

[Local] Sadia@gulremal: *map of local space with the approaching icon of Nagh'var battlecruiser replaces the screen saver*

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Time to hand off the gun and do some negotiating then."

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> The transfer with IKS K'galan goes without a hitch, and team trades one big gun for a small (but heavy) stash of bars made from the pure neutronium. As the squadron approaches the Alarian space,

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - they were intercepted by a pair of Fireblade clan escorts and escorted straight to the Torret system. The system contains only a heavily industrailzed desert planet and blue giant star.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> The Divine Forge is a massive pyramid-shaped starbase sitting in a low orbit of the sun, and is protected by a small task force of a dozen alarian starships of different sizes and an expansive -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - network of mines and turrets. Your ships were escorted to "shaded" part of the Forge and parked there, under the watchful gaze of the alarian taskforce. Forge's shielding and armor prevented direct

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - beam-in, so you arrived via shuttles and were escorted by a group of dozen alarian soldiers via large system of elevators to one of the central locations of the Forge...

[Local] Istar@anncarise: "Well this place is pretty impressive."

Egzo@HF_Mudd stands back and lets the ladies do most of the talking, as usual in these situations.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: *smaller alarian female is observing work at one of the forges, and at certain moment she draws from one of the openings a large crystal blade*

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: *she observes the hot pulsing crystal, and she starts humming. As she hums, the crystal slows down the pulsing and finally takes a dark orange hue. Alarian inspects it, then turns to the side, where -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - without any observable command, an hard-light holo of an armored soldier appears. The alarian strikes the combat pose, and then swings the blade three times. During each swing, blade flashes and -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - lines of energy leave the blade and strike the soldier holo, cleaving it in multiple locations.*

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> As the holo dissipates, another alarian steps up from the shadows, carrying an empty sword case. Armed alarian puts the sword gently in the case and nods to the case holder, whom closes the case -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - and departs without uttering a single word.

[Local] Istar@anncarise: "Okay. Definitely liking this place. Think those are for sale?"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Only when this transaction is done does the alarian turn to the newcomers.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: *clears throat* I am the Forge Keeper Tempest. You may address me as the Forge Keeper. Who are you and what do you want?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "We are here representing the Klingon Empire and have come to request the use of your forge"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: Forge Keeper: Matriarch must be losing her mind. Why would I ever agree to such an request?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Moreover, why wouldn't you? It is a rare thing to have the Empire indebted to you"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: Debts? You come here asking for help, and expect me to both agree and do it for free? You didn't even bring a gift, as is customary when one pleads for the aid.

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 85 (1-100)

[Team] N'Py See@gulremal: actually, you did. there's a reason egzo is currently lugging a big case holding a fine selection of hand weapons of both orion and klingon make, crafted by some of the experts in the field

[Team] N'Py See@gulremal: up to you to make a presentation :)

Egzo@HF_Mudd hands off the case to Lorri, recognizing his cue.

Lorri@crystyll smiles, "Really now, you would think such poor manners from on Orion of all people?" She takes the case and holds it open, "With compliments"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Forge Keeper moves closer, takes and carefully inspects each of the presented weapons, before returning them to their holder. Without any obvious signal, two soldiers come by each side, take the

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - case and haul it away.

Istar@anncarise grins and watches Lorri do what she does best.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: Forge Keeper: True originals, and...decently crafted at that. I am almost impressed. *her outfit flares as she accentuates "almost"*

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Glad to hear it"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: Forge Keeper: You have my attention.

Lorri@crystyll hands over a datapad detailing their specific needs from the forge, volumes, timescales etc

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> As Lorri presents the datapad it leaves her hand and floats into the hand of the Keeper.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: Forge Keeper: *after a bit of reading, she lets a visible frown appear on her otherwise haughtingly-neutral expression* I know this weapon. Harr Lokk's Punishers. How did you get this?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "At great expense"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: Forge Keeper: *lets out a sigh of disgust* You want me to make ammo for morrsian garbage? Do you even understand what are you asking of me here?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Yes. To capitalize on a golden opportunity and make something extraordinary"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: What is so extraordinary in a oversized bullet?! I create works of art and beauty! Deadly art and visceral beauty, sometimes, but it's a fully rounded product! You don't understand! *her suit flares*

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Gotta afk quickly to help with something! Hopefully won't take too long!

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "A simple oversized bullet could be worked from any mundane material. But how many forge masters even get to work with such material"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: When Arkadia came to me, I offered to make her an entire ship! *she waves her hand at at the great central pit, a massive 3D image of a battleship appears*

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks up at the holo...

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "You're telling me that gargantuan ship was made of solid neutronium?"

[Team] N'Py See@gulremal: biggest ship on this image

[Team] N'Py See@gulremal: https://well-of-souls.com/gallery/images/display.htm?sis_boxart_wallpaper1080.png

[Team] N'Py See@gulremal: also awesome art

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: But she wanted only the armor plating! Armor plating! She had no trust, no appreciation for my talent, so I turned her away. *turns to Lorri* There's no enough pure neutronium in the entire galaxy -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - for a ship of that size.

Egzo@HF_Mudd remains tactfully silent.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Hence my suspicion as to the implication of your previous statement"

Egzo@HF_Mudd is also still ogling the holo of the proposed blade-battleship.

Lorri@crystyll sighs, "Look, I get it; it's a mundane bit of work for a skilled artist like yourself. I didn't want to mention this so early in negotiations for fear of souring the honest business arrangment but...

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: But?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Well, this is not the only neutronium work we have. But as both the more imminently required, and the less intricate, it was to serve as a demonstration of craftmanship to my government"

[Team] Istar@anncarise: and back! Sorry for the afk!

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: Another commission? We didn't even negotiate the first one.

[Team] N'Py See@gulremal: gimme a roll

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 94 (1-100)

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: Glad Lorri's doing all of this :)

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: FINE! You want stupid shells, you'll get them. I am taking a third of the neutronium as a commission fee.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Sure"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Keeper turns around at claps her hands - a loud, almost thunderclap sound rushes across the room.

Egzo@HF_Mudd tries not to wince or flinch.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Image of a battleship is replaced by 3D schematic of the railgun shell in real size, and then multiplied by 4, positioned across the central pit.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Keeper moves to the edge of the area overlooking the central part of the room with the pit, and you see a dozen alarian females moving in positions around the pit.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Whirring sounds of heavy machines turning on the background can be heard as the Forge is activating.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> In the next few minutes there's flurry of activity as neutronium is being transported from Thana to the Pit area. Keeper waves her hand and neutronium flies up well above the pit and is divided -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - in 4 equal piles, just above the 3D models of the shells.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Keeper rises the second hand, and the blast doors below the pit start opening, and then more blast doors below those doors, until a light of the sun basks the Pit area.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Keeper's outfit flares, followed by the outfits of dozen alarians closer to the pit, as light starts getting brighter and brighter, and a veritable column of sun's plasma rushes upwards from the-

Egzo@HF_Mudd half-turns away, raising one arm to shield his eyes from that actinic glare.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - Pit passes across the neutronium piles and stops inches short of the ceiling. The pillar of light persists for couple of minutes, though both heat and most of the blinding light are blocked somehow.

[Local] Istar@anncarise: "That's...one way to make a forge."

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Keeper lowers her hands and the pillar drops down, leaving 3D holos of the shells and red-glowing neutronium lumps. Keeper starts singing, and is joined by other alarians, each making hand -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - motions as if molding. And indeed, the molten neutroium starts to move, lazily molasses-like, into the 3D "molds", kept in place by alarian telekinetic powers. Within minutes, neutronium starts -

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: - losing the red glow and regains its solid state, now in the form of four massive rail cannon shells.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Shells are then glided over to a large threaded open-topped transport vehicle that arrived in the meantime. The vehicle "groans" as the shells are deposited on it's cargo area, but is holding...

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: <FX> Keeper then claps her hands again, and alarian craftswomen return to whatever they did before.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: There's your shells. Rest of the neutronium is mine to keep.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: You must really hate that someone who's going to be on the receiving end of those slugs.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "Something like that"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: Well, we are done for now. Do not bother me again unless you want to actually comission something noteworthy.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "We'll keep you in consideration. But our primary commission will not be so easily extorted"

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: *chuckles* We'll see about that. And bring better presents next time!

Lorri@crystyll mentally snaps closed the purse strings for good

Egzo@HF_Mudd falls in behind Lorri as the group is led back to the shuttles.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: *she turns around, more than signalling the conversation is over. 3D model of the battleship shows again*

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: FK: *sighs* And we could have made such wonders...

Istar@anncarise follows her tabadi as well.

[Local] N'Py See@gulremal: -- SCENE END --