31 Oct: Trick or Treat

Argo Command has handed down a mission to construct a believably lived-in Starfleet Outpost in an almost unreasonably short period of time. To get this done, a plan has been devised to convert a small station in the Tower Keep System for the task. USS Asimov is departing tonight at gamma shift to scout the system, confirm the viability of the station, and begin construction.


When: TODAY, Wednesday, 31 October @ gamma

Audience:  CLOSED  This event is for DS13 crew. Any appropriate starbase character may join and assume that their character has been assigned to the construction project. Engineers preferred.

Event Type: Social / Free-form / Structured / Gameplay

Starting Point: Starbase conference room

OOC point of contact: @evenrue / @arkaik353


Project planning thread
Tower Keep System
Good thing you deleted the word "almost" because otherwise I would have filed a formal objection.

I can make this event and will be there to issue any further requisitions, transfers, approvals, etc. in person. So, if your character has engineering skills/training but isn't an engineer per se, we can still make this happen for you!
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I'll bring Rose along for fun
My only Engineer character has a ship assignment. My psychiatrist seems a poor fit for this sort of event. :p
I'd bring Seral over, but she is not a construction person. Unless it's duranium hull welding.