38th Fleet 'Argo'

As stated in the IC memorandum Awards, Promotions, and the Future of Task Force Argo, Task Force Argo has been reorganized by Starfleet Command and is being upgraded/transitioned into a full Fleet.

As a result, we will be going through some OOC growing pains as well as IC to reflect the new status. Summarized briefly below:

May 1st: Task Force Argo formally becomes the 38th Fleet 'Argo'
We will be changing the in-game fleet name to reflect this upgrade. DONE!

May 8th: Formal summary of policies that will be changing.
There will be a formal announcement that summarizes a few additional changes to several OOC policies.

May 31st: We will be changing the website URL on this date, to http://argo.enjin.com


If you have any OOC questions about how we'll be moving forward, please feel free to use this thread and admin will field them!
Suggestion. Would an Enjin that says 38thFleetArgo.enjin.com not be more useful? The full name would instantly make it known to all the visitors. It adds a little story fluff as well. Argo can be used for a lot after all.
So, we elected to go with "argo.enjin" for a couple reasons.

One, it already weighed heavily on us to require a website URL change at all, which considering the sheer number of posts and documents scattered all over, it's going to result in a huge quantity of links that are going to stop working. Having something simple to change a dead link to would make it easier for people who were looking for something to find it.

Two, it's the shorter URL and it's a bit more 'future proof'. One thing that we suspect will always remain the same (as it did through this change) through any future changes is that we will want to keep the 'Argo' moniker. As such, the website URL will never have to change even if IC events cause strange things to happen.
Very logical reasons then. Thank you for clarifying.
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So I have no idea how Fleet emblems work in-game, but is it a limited selection, or are you able to upload your own somehow? With the change, I'd love to see ours changed to a 38 or something similar.
We totally thought along the same lines as you, Tanis, with the upcoming transition, screwing around with the fleet emblem creator was one of the first things we did. :geek:

You are not able to upload your own basically, but they provide you with a fairly sizeable inventory of ... we'll just call it "clip art" images and some limited ability to mix and match two of them. Actually I was impressed by how MANY there were, but disappointed at the same time because at least 50% of those were images that didn't feel appropriate to me for a sci-fi setting (but would've been totally normal if we were in Neverwinter).

Creating a "38" is not possible, and we were not impressed by the selection of other images, so we chose not to do something brand new. However, we are trying to integrate the original Argo emblem into more of our image branding in the future, to bring the in-game patch into more relevance, so hopefully you'll like where we go with it. Just wait like..... five days. :x
So is just the website's domain changing or are we getting a whole brand new site like when we swtiched to enjin from guildportal? Basically what I'm asking is are we losing all our old forum work or is it the same site just different URL?
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The latter! Enjin grants sites the ability to just change the URL, so we won't lose anything.

There WILL be (as previously mentioned) an issue with broken links... anything that linked to "taskforceargo.enjin" will, unfortunately, not go where the original post intended. The current plan is that admin will change a lot of the ones that continue to be relevant and then a lot of others over time.
Oh that's good news! Thanks!
Hi all, as promised, a short summation of policies that you should be aware of going forward.

1. We've reorganized the OOC administrative/leadership structure to accommodate the fact that there will be four people co-jointly leading Argo from here on out. This included a revamp of the regular membership ranks as well. Full descriptions are located here.

2. The inactivity policy has also been updated to reflect the new membership structure. (Please see previous membership link to read in full). Mostly it's unchanged, for the majority of members, three months of inactivity will continue to be the threshold that merits removal from fleet.

The only significant difference is that we will be performing inactivity checks (sweeps) on a monthly basis, rather than quarterly, and without advanced notice. So basically assume that if it's the 1st of the month, we'll be performing a check.

3. Elimination of alt limitations: the limitation on members to only have five characters in fleet has been abolished. The limitation on alts for members under trial (first 30 days) and the alt application process both still apply.
Hi all, the new/updated uniform code has been posted. A quick summation of changes:

  • As the fleet majority preferred to keep the unique Argo color scheme, we kept it. The one thing that has changed is that the trim colors are no longer 'custom' to a given department or role, it's just silver for everyone (because gold doesn't look good on anything BUT the command red). This uniform encompasses enlisted officers.
  • Please also note the slight change in the command division color (red one) to A3.
  • Designated official dress uniforms that are generally in line with the canon dress uniform, only with Argo colors for career color striping.
  • Designated a MACO uniform, inspired by the MACO posters we've been seeing in game
  • Designated a Romulan duty uniform set, but no dress uniform.

As before, IT IS GENERALLY NOT MANDATORY TO WEAR THE FLEET UNIFORM(S). Just keep in mind that event hosts may WANT a particular dress code, so please respect the event host's wishes.

Please see this thread for full info: http://taskforceargo.enjin.com/forum/m/6618775/viewthread/21884633-fleet-uniform-code. It is also always accessible via the main navigation menu at the top, under Setting > Fleet Uniform Code.
But the gold's my favourite part!
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I actually liked the predominately faction colored uniforms for the dress uniform. It's the one time it's acceptable/expected to be somewhat flashy. :p
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Hi all, we've gone through with the URL change. A couple notes:

1) this process did not go as smoothly as I hoped! I experienced a couple technical gaffes and, if I'm going to be honest, was surprised when it started working. So it's possible there are going to be issues going forward and I will be working with Enjin support to fix them if I see them, I promise, so please bear with me.

2) I have attempted a couple things to fix the "Latest Threads" box, but it was a short list of ideas and none of them worked. I am planning to wait a day to see if it's a caching issue; if it is, it may fix itself in time. If it continues to be broken after a waiting period, I will contact Enjin support.

3) I've done some preliminary URL fixing for major links, but there will of course be broken links just about everywhere. (the good news is that the timeline works. :p ) Please feel free to fix links in your own posts, where relevant.
I just tried updating all my bookmarks on my threads I've done and it turns out that going though one's profile in order to find all one's old posts now buried under pages of other's forum work is not possible as they still use the old Task Force Argo URL as well. So it's definitely not limited to Recent Posts.
This is correct. Easiest solution I've had is to copy and paste and manually shorten the url. Also, recent reports is linking on the main (calender) page but has disappeared while viewing forum posts.
Both the "Latest Threads" box and the links from user profiles should now be working properly.
Whoo! Looks like they are. Good job guys. Handled a difficult transition in only a day. Kudos admin team!
Thank Enjin support, they do do things right on occasion. :p