4 April: The lost convoy, part 2

KDF and allies continue the investigation regarding the lost convoy. Search of the abandoned freighter brought up video recordings that point to the clandestine actions of the officers of the Great House of K’lek…

Shift Time: Sunday, April 4, Alpha -1

Audience: KDF and allies

Event Type: Bridge RP

Starting Point: Starship bridge

This is a regular event and not part of Parallax MU event. GM: @gulremal

Mission Log

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Last time, our brave warriors serched the abandoned freighter and found evidence of the underhanded actions performed by two officers of House K’lek, lt. Qolturgh and captian Korrda.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> After some background checking and reminiscing, the team learned that Korrda’s ship has a warp drive flaw that makes it possible to track, even under cloak.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Captain Tanik’s ship is the only one big enough to tug the freighter back to base, so the team must continue without their support. Morakos’ crew easily modifies their long range sensors and they manage to detect a faint, but present warp trail of IKS Arumso. Accompanied by cmdr. Ho’ruk, the team follows the trail for almost two days, being forced to backtrack on couple of occasions to re-acquire the reading on the weak warp trail. Soon, they arrive at an uncharted system with a single, lifeless planetoid…

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“A suspiciously good place for a secret base…”

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“Well it’s where the trail leads to”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:“Well, if there’s something here, it should be easy to find. Not many locations to look at.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Somebody else scan it. We’ll stand back and watch.”

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:whoever wants to scan, rolls plox

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 24 (1-100)

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 13 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Aww my sensor rolls are usually good heh.

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“Got some weak power signatures on the far side of the planet”

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:meanwhile, Egzo is scanning the /rest/ of the system…

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 1 (1-100)

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“I’m reading two in orbit of the planet. Not sure what they are, though.”


[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:(oh god no)

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:thaaat’s gonna be my reroll, I can’t let that stand

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 40 (1-100)

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:"Shlaak’s seein’… at least a dozen, and they’re puttin’ out sensor pings of their own. Sentry sats, prob’ly.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:“Hrm. There’s no KDF assets in this system, and this is within our jurisdiction. I say we move in closer and inspect these things.”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Aye. Either House K’lek’s up to something nefarious, or somebody else is in our space. Either way, we need to know.”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:“Pnu’skok stands ready. Do we plan on stealthy approach or show of force?”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:"I was goin’ for ‘sneaky’, myself…

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Let’s go for stealthy approach. Much fun as a dramatic entrance always is, we’re not sure exactly what those energy readings are. Could be badly outnumbered.”

Egzo@HF_Mud nods.

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:in that case, stealth rolls plox

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 87 (1-100)

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 29 (1-100)

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 9 (1-100)

[Team]Egzo@HF_Mud:Egzo is good at sneaky, when he wants to be :)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Hmm…to reroll or not to reroll…

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:29 isn’t that bad! That 9 might be worth one though hehe

[Team]Aestae Vali@crystyl:yus

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 38 (1-100)

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 41 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> The squadron moves in closer all the sneaky like…soon their passive sensors catch the sensor pings from dozen orbital satellites scattered in high orbit of the planetoid.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema: They do not seem to be armed, but they are sending their pings to an structure on the surface. Structure looks like a large klingon bunker, surrounded by a set of six turrets.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema: Above the structure, there’s 3 vessels : a nausicaan Scourge destroyer, orion Dacoit light cruiser and vorgon escort

[Tell]Ho’ruk@gulrema:gimme a roll

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 91 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> So far, no one has noticed you…

Egzo@HF_Mud squints at the close-up image of the Nausicaan vessel. “I know that ship… hells, I know all of 'em.”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“That’s an interesting mix of ships,” she looks to Egzo. “Mercs?”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Yeah. Used t’be with us, but they all took off before the Sheliak showed up.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Said they was goin’ to the other side of Cardie space t’ be convoy guards.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“I don’t see any convoys 'round here. You?”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Starting to notice a pattern here…the two members of House K’lek we recognized used to be with us too.”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Guess it might be personal after all, and not House scheming.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Could be both!”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Good point.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Maybe K’lek hatched their plan ‘n started askin’ around for extra muscle.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“These cutters weren’t anythin’ special, aside from bein’ all short time, single missions only. Didn’t bother keepin’ closer tabs on 'em, since they could up and go whenever they wanted.”

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Don’t suppose they have a reason to have any gripes against us?”

[Tell]Ho’ruk@gulrema: capt. Exen is female vorgon, capt. Susel is orion male and capt. Drobe is nausicaan male

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:“Maybe we should ask them?”

Egzo@HF_Mud chuckles. “Guess we could knock, sure.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:"They might be a lil jumpy, though. Better let me handle the talkin’ for once.

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Rest of us can stay under cloak so we still keep the advantage of surprise if they decided to start shooting.”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:“Ready and waiting.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:“Right.” He cracks his neck left, right. “Decloak us 'n hail 'em.”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> As the Hag’lhr decloaks, the three ships spring into activity, scanning the area around it and raising their shields.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> There is some communications between the ships before the nausicaan ship answers the hail.

Egzo@HF_Mud does /not/ have shields up. Playin’ it cool.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<C - Drobe> Captain Drobe here. Egzo, is that you?

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud: <C> Hey, Drobe. Long time no. Was in the neighborhood, thought I’d say hi.

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud: <C> S’up?

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:sends a text message to rest of the squadron [They have pinged us on their sensors.]

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<C - Drobe> Uhhh, we are sitting on our asses and keepin’ an eye on this place. Listen, you an’ your buddies really shouldn’t be here.

Egzo@HF_Mud keeps what passes for a friendly smile on his ugly mug.

B’Atar@anncaris replies to the message, “Let’s see what Egzo can learn first before we start shooting.”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:<C> Yeah, funny, I was just thinkin’ the same 'bout you cutters. This ain’t Beta Ursae.

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud: <C> Don’t s’pose you could tell me where I could find cap’n Korrda.

Egzo@HF_Mud explains lightly, “Skipped out on her bar tab.”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<C - Drobe> blinks for a second No, listen, I’m not kidding. I don’t have a quarrel with ya, but the automated systems on the ground will d- *there’s a beepiing sound from a console on his ship

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<C - Drobe> Aw crap.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Everyone’s sensors catch up power surges on the ground as the defense turrets around the bunker start powering up, turning their massive dual cannons towards the skies…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<C - Drobe> Sod this, I’m outta her- is interrupted by comms from another vessel

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<Vorgon> What’s the holdup?! We have our orders, no witnesses!

Egzo@HF_Mud gestures to cut the channel and barks “Evasive!” at his helmcat Rritt.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Vorgon ship powers up their weapons…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- ROUND 1 -

Egzo@HF_Mud warns Kem, “No shootin’ at anybody don’t shoot at us first.”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Let’s start this party!”

Egzo@HF_Mud | <FX> Hag’lhr goes evasive, powering shields.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 35 (1-100)

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 32 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Hag’lhr jump forwards and then turns around in a wild turn, trying to evade enemy shots…

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“Got more power signatures inside the mountain there”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Nausicaan ship moves in full reverse, trying to back away from the ensuing chaos…

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“More cannons?”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Vorgon escort starts following Hag’lhr, firing an array of tetryon beams, but only one hits the BoP, lowering it’s shields to 70%.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“Not sure”

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth decloaks and opens fire at the bunker’s defenses first.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 44 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> San’leth swoops into trace atmosphere of the planetoid without problem and hits one of the defense turrets before it manages to fully raise shields, blowing up its upper mobile part.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Aestae’s turn -

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos joins the attack.

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 58 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Morakos follows San’leth’s attack pattern and manages to take out another turret before it can fire back.

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 53 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Pnu’skok decloaks behind the Vorgon escort, peppering its back with disruptor fire and dropping the aft shields by 50%.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Dacoit light cruiser is not the regular model, as its captain removed its hangar bays and replaced them with additional cannon turrets. Hag’lhr and Pnu’skok are swarmed with PD and standard

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:- disruptor cannon bolts, some of them finding their mark more by pure numbers than skill. Hag’lhr’s shield drop to 40%, Pnu’skok’s to 60%.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Remaining 4 defense turrets focus fire on San’leth. BoP deftly evades most of the large bolts but one finds its target, almost overwhelming raider’s shields and knocking it off course!

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:B’atar, piloting check please

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 18 (1-100)


[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:not single digit but I might reroll that…

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Might as well!

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 83 (1-100)


[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:I was worried it was gonna be worse for a moment there

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> San’leth’s pilot evades the small hill in last second and hides the vessel behind another one for couple of seconds, giving the tac officer time to re-engage cloak.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> On a nearby mountain, an opening appears and starts widening. Soon, two BoP-sized combat drones fly out…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- ROUND 2 –

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action -

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“That was a close one! Are those…drones?”

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:<C> Who knows? Kinda busy here!

[Local]Aestae Vali@crystyl:“Seems that energy signature in the mountain was a launch platform for Orion drones. Adapted syphon drones it looks like. Got a couple heading out with a few more inside”

Egzo@HF_Mud | <FX> Hag’lhr joins Pnu’skok’s attack on the Vorgon escort, trying to take it out of the fight before returning fire from the Dacoit.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 41 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Hag’lhr cuts throttle, making Vorgon ship overshoot and fires at its back, dropping Vorgon’s aft shields.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Nausicaan ship turns around and speeds up away from battle.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Vorgon ship turns on it’s axis and fires at Hag’lhr, hitting it twice with it’s beams, dropping Hag’lhr’s shields to 20%.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Our shields are running low. Going to try and get the drones’ attention before pulling off! If I manage to draw them away, Morakos can try and hit where they’re coming from before more can join the fighting.”

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth sends auxiliary power to shields and makes an attack run at the drones, more to get their attention than deal damage, quickly pulling up before it has a chance to get hit again.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 15 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Should’ve saved that reroll…or do I have another…

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:well, you do have 2 re-rolls with b’atar

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Might as well use the second one then!

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 33 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Not terrible at least!

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> San’leth flies close to the mountain, decloaks and blows up one of the drones that just left the hangar. Second one immediately turns around and chases after the attacker.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Aestae’s turn –

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos follows San’leth’s lead and chases down the drones they lead on.

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 99 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:and that’s where my spots went hehe

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Morakos swoops low, passing below San’leth as it blows up the drone that was following B’atar’s ship. It continues towards the hangar opening taking out two more drones that were just taking off.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> As it flies by the opening, Morakos’ tac officer “cooks” a high-yield quantum torpedo right into the hangar. Couple of seconds later, half of the mountainside detonates, spraying the bunker area with debris…

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 43 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:at least my plan worked!

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Yay for Morakos!

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Pnu’skok flanks the Vorgon escort, spraying its unprotected background with more fire, ripping off their armor plating and doing some hull damage…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Orion cruiser’s fire is ineffective this time around, as Hag’lhr and Pnu’skok deftly evade the barrage. Defense turrets on the ground fare no better, as the debris and dust affect their sensors.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- ROUND 3 –

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

Egzo@HF_Mud declares, “End 'em.”

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 55 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Hag’lhr scores more hits on the Vorgon escort, dealing some serious damage, but the ship is still operational…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Nausicaan ship is speeding to the outskirts of the system, preparing to jump to warp.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Vorgon ship stubbornly keeps firing in wide arcs, and its beams find the Pnu’skok, dropping their shields completely.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

B’Atar@anncaris makes for the damaged Vorgon ship after leaving the planet, seeking to take it out for good.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 94 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Whoops, if I knew I’d roll well I’d have gone for the Orion one hehe

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> San’leth puts all reserve power to engines, speeding up and lining a perfect shot at the unsuspecting Vorgon ship. Disruptor bolts rake its weakened underside and hit the power core, blowing the ship into thousand little pieces.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Aestae’s action –

[Local]B’Atar@anncaris:“Didn’t mean to steal your kill, Egzo! That ship was being too much trouble.”

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos turns its attention to the Orion cruiser.

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 25 (1-100)

[Local]Egzo@HF_Mud:<C> Nah, you’re good. Nice one.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Morakos long range fire connects with the Dacoit’s shields, doing minor damage.

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 46 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Pnu’skok uses the brief respite to engage cloak.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:“Get those shields back up immediately! We still have enemies to fight!”

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Dacoit light cruiser starts turning around, using their turrets as suppressing fire.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Hag’lhr’s shields take one shot and collapse, being dangerously low.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Defense turrets regain targeting locks and shoot at Morakos as it is the closest vessel at the moment. Couple of shots hit the Morakos aft shields, dropping them to 40%.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- ROUND 4 –

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

Egzo@HF_Mud growls and orders full evasive (again) so they can restore shields also.

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 55 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Rritt does space pirouettes as the Hag’lhr’s engineer brings shields back up to 40%.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Nausicaan ship jumps to warp.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- B’Atar’s action –

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Hmm…only Orion ship on the field now right?

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:yes, and it looks like they are falling back.

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth keeps distance with shields being low, but fires away at the Orion cruiser anyways, to keep up the pressure and chase them off if nothing else.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 3 (1-100)


[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Okay now I’m out of rerolls

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:good thing I’m just taking potshots!

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> San’leth tries to fire, but weapons fail…it seems that the damage from that lucky turret shot was greater than previously ascertained…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Aestae’s action –

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos continues pressing it’s attack on the cruiser as well

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 76 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Morakos fire is now more precise as it moves closer to the Dacoit, and it drops the orion vessel’s aft shields down to 50%.

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 60 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Pnu’skok decloaks in an attack run on one of the defense turrets. It’s disruptors drop the turret’s shield, and following photon torpedo blows the turret’s upper part into smithereens.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Dacoit stops firing and puts all of its emergency power into engines, trying to speed away from the battle.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Three remaining turrets split their fire between Morakos and Pnu’skok. Morakos takes another hit into it’s aft shields, and they drop to 20%. Pnu’skok suffers a direct hit that fries freshly

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:- recovered shields and sends it spinning…

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 15 (1-100)

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:ups, re roll time


[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 70 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Old BoP refuses to go down and stabilizes in time to slide by the mountain side, turning around it for a cover…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- ROUND 5 –

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Egzo’s action –

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:"Keep us close to the mountain, all power to weapons, prepare to emerge from another side for an attack run! Today is a good day to die!

Egzo@HF_Mud decides to let the Orion run, going to his fellow raider’s aid. The ones in the bunker are who they’re really after anyway…

[Emotes]Egzo@HF_Mud:rolls 82 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Hag’lhr flies in an arc, evading fire from the turret that is targeting Morakos, and fires at one of the two turrets that were shooting at Pnu’skok. Disruptors drop the turret shields, and the photon torpedo finishes off the turret.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- B’atar’s action –

[Team]Ho’ruk@gulrema:two turrets left

B’Atar@anncaris | San’leth follows Hag’lhr’s lead, going for the turrets as well.

[Emotes]B’Atar@anncaris:rolls 90 (1-100)


[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:good rolls now on the last enemies

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> San’leth does practically the same maneuver - its disruptor/polaron cannon combo drops the shield, and photorp takes out the turret, just as San’leth recloaks.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- Aestae’s action –

Aestae Vali@crystyl | Morakos turns on the last turret targeting it

[Emotes]Aestae Vali@crystyl:rolls 22 (1-100)

[Team]B’Atar@anncaris:Or not…

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Morakos turns around, fresh shield side facing the turret, and opens fire, taking down the turret’s shields.

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Dacoit cruiser keeps speeding away from the planetoid.

[Emotes]Ho’ruk@gulrema:rolls 70 (1-100)

[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:<FX> Last remaining turret prepares to shoot another volley at Morakos, but then Pnu’skok appears from the other side of the mountain and strafes it with disruptor bolts, finishing it off.


[Local]Ho’ruk@gulrema:-- SCENE END –

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