4 Mar: Barataria Part I

Secluded on an asteroid within the Donia system a small outpost struggles with resources and pirates. Claiming to be a haven for those that want nothing to do with sector governments and the larger Federation this group of outcasts relies on discretion to ensure its continued survival. 38th Fleet members have conducted initial reconnaissance on the base, but more information is needed before official contact is made. During that initial reconnaissance the R.R.W. Anarhai discovered a smaller, now abandoned base roughly 50 kilometers distant. A small detachment of officers is being sent to this base to shed some light on the mystery. Not everything is as it appears.


When: 4 MAR, Alpha

Where: Briefing on DS-13, then a visit to an outlying Asteroid in the Donia System. This will consist of two teams. A foundry team tasked with exploring the base itself, and a team tasked with surveying the mine site. The exterior of the Dilithium mine holding will serve as the locale for the latter.

What: A closer look at an abandoned mining outpost.

OOC point of contact: @dandin384


All are welcome to this event. Players that have their own ship will be asked to leave that behind and hitch a ride on a Republic vessel. The need for stealth precludes entering the area uncloaked. Very little, if any, RP will take place on the ships themselves.

Please note:

Everyone needs an EV suit. First, because you won't know what team you're on until the event starts, and second, there is an overall lack of atmosphere for this mission. You can get the basic EV suit for a small amount of dilithium. If that's an issue let me know and I'll happily provide one.

A flashlight. Not required, but it will add to immersion. The story mission What Lies Beneath gives you one at the start for free. As does fleet action Starbase Incursion.
Free EV Suits are available from the mission Boldly They Rode.
Reminder: This is today at Alpha! Don't forget your EV suits.
I'll be there, suited and booted.
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Thanks to all those who participated. I'll leave the foundry up for a bit for those that would like to run through it. I'll also be working on putting all the details we've gathered so far in one place, so keep an eye out for that.

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Name: Barataria (Part I)
ID: ST-HK5B97M05
Author: dandin384
Gate: Deep Space K-7