5 July: Palukoo Salvage Mission

Seres Avlin is preparing to set out on a salvage voyage on her vessel, the Palukoo, and is currently hiring temporary crewmembers. Any interested in earning a share of the profits (promised to be a tidy sum of latinum) are encouraged to sign up. No experience necessary!


When: Friday, 5 July @ beta+2

Audience:  LIMITED 

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Ship Bridge

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


This is primarily aimed at civilian characters, but I am perfectly willing to accept anyone who can justify taking the trip. Spies, thieves, saboteurs, bored officers, etc. are all welcome, provided they can get the time off work for a jaunt out into the unknown.

There's a hard cap on this of FIVE PLAYERS, not including me. PLEASE REPLY HERE WITH THE NAME OF YOUR CHARACTER IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. When we have enough sign-ups, we'll look at scheduling. If by some chance there are more than five of you interested, please feel free to drop your names anyway, and I will look into doing a second trip.
Aev's all packed and ready to roll.
I think Koval would enjoy coming on this trip!
*pushes Eli into the sign up queue*
Bragi would love to hunt out more recipes. Depending on when its run, please sign Bragi up!
Date/Time selected, OP updated accordingly. I have room for ONE additional player if anybody finds themselves available at the time and willing to come up with an excuse to come along.
If Kiera could get the time off, I could have her tag along in the name of adventure, latinum, and stories to tell.