5 June: Alien: The Holonovel (Closed RP)

A bulletin put out on the starbase informs that there will be a holonovel being hosted in one of the holodecks. It claims to be based off of the 1979 movie Alien. Seven participants are required, and spectators are welcome. The bulletin asks that participants not have seen the movie beforehand, as experiencing it new for the first time will enhance the experience.

When: Sunday June 5 @ gamma

Where: Starts in the Fleet Research Lab holodeck

What: Seeing if your characters could survive if they were the crew in Alien.

OOC Point of Contact: @dienonychus/@osi#6269 (both work just as well)

Note: Volunteers for the crew have been picked, but you can still join as a spectator if you wish. Characters are allowed to have ICly seen Alien before, but it's discouraged.