6 July | Purgatory Part 2

With the burning shell of the Endeavour framing the sky, and the whereabouts of Captain Bishop and Commander Samaras unknown, the evacuees are tasked with survival on the planet. But what secrets does a planet called "Purgatory" hold?


When: Saturday 14th July @ gamma

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Fleet Colony

OOC point of contact: @drcrippler


OOC: This is an Endeavour event. Everyone is welcome to attend, but no other ships are allowed. No knowledge of the previous event (Purgatory Part 1) is necessary. If you did not attend the previous event, please let me know either below or through Discord.
You owe Isa her jacket after she moved her event for you.

I'll be at the event.
I offered the jacket, she said no.
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EDIT: More detail given plus instructions for new attendees!
Bump, this is in a few hours! New attendees welcome!
I may not make it home in time for this, and I am devastated.

Start point for those coming!
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If you manage to get back home before we end, Kermit, feel free to join in!