8 Sept | Adrift

The William D. Porter sends out a distress call from the Ba'aja sector

"This is Captain Standish of the William D. Porter, to anyone in range. Please come to our assistance! We are stranded in the Ba'aja sector, coordinates incoming. Our warp and impulse capabilities have been incapacitated. Please assist!"

A series of coordinate are transmitted to all ships that receive the distress call.

When: 8 September @gamma
Audience: Open
Event Type: Structured
Starting Point: Ship Bridge, TBD
OOC point of contact: @dryadae


This is a ship mission focused event. Ship's crew and Captains may participate. Starbase personnel may accompany a ship that leaves from DS13.
This is tonight!
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Can't we just... photon torpedo it?
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I should be able to make it pending any unexpected delays...