90001.7 - Fleet Morale Survey

The psychology department has completed and released the results of their quarterly morale survey and review.

Incidents that Task Force members most frequently referred to during the survey were:

  • Formation and deployment of the Black Tiger fighter wing
  • Kebrell Colony Incident, where numerous Argo assets were involved in the investigation and security of a new Federation colony
  • Discovery of an Iconian Gate to the Delta quadrant that has resulted in the formation and deployment of a new squadron (Voth Front). While the revelation of another hostile faction has been a largely discouraging to the officer ranks, the new threat has resulted in an almost total cessation of hostilities between Federation and Klingon Empire assets as both sides have grudgingly agreed to focus efforts on the Voth.
  • The Task Force Award Ceremony, where officers recognized their fellow colleagues and the station was treated to a stealth visit by President Okeg.
  • Recent wave of Breen defections
  • Interest in Task Force Argo has increased; the Task Force saw an increase in the rate of successful transfer applications compared the the previous quarter


The previous quarterly survey can be found here.