91566 Call for submission of proposals re: Iconian War movements ((7/26/15))

Assistant Security Chief Caine wrote:
I would like to propose that those who have the creativity and skills work on ideas and concepts, then put them forward for Command review. We are not lost here. We will fight.
Admiral Rilem wrote:
Thank you Lieutenant Commander. I will take any recommendations our fleet can come up with.

Thank you to the intel department for putting together the brief. And I know a lot of you have thoughts and ideas that we might use. Let's consolidate them on the computer so that I can look through them before we submit them to Starfleet Command.

((Post your proposals below!))
Subject: Plan Proposal
Plan: Red Sea
Classified: Lvl 5 Clearance

My plan is a somewhat complex multi layered plan involving the use of traps and the strategic use of manpower. The idea of the plan is a multi layered strategy based on minimizing risk and gaining information for future operations.

Risk: Minimal
Supply Cost: Moderate
Manpower: Moderate

Basically to start off this plan, we need bait. Ideally a peace of Iconian Technology and a way for them to detect us attempting to crack it. The planet we need is a Dust-Ball in the Azure Nebula known as AN-542, the Nebula masks warp trails, and there is a heavy mineral rich asteroid belt in orbit around the planet. We will quickly, using industrial replicators assemble a fake research base and use a machine to emit fake life signs, enough to constitute a sizable research station.

With the 'Iconian' bait. They will likely come to stop us from making, or decimating information about a breakthrough in their technology. A fake breakthrough we will set up. We will need a fast ship that is high profile, well armed, and fits the bill for someone trying to run something important out of the system in a hurry.

The ship will lead them into the Astroid Belts where a smart minefield will be set hidden amongst the astroids, all the while hidden probes will take scans of the Iconians who've arrived, sizing up numbers, technology and point of origin.

When the Iconians get midway into the asteroid belt, a Minefield will be waiting for them and will draw in and will pummel their ships heavily and repeatedly. Then, if they are deemed damaged enough to engage, a strike fleet hidden away nearby will warp in and finish them off. If the mine field didn't do sufficient damage the fleet won't engage and will remain hidden till they leave.

The Risk is Minimal on this. And we stand to at the very worst, gain information about their movements, the numbers they bring in for their strike forces and hopefully a point of infiltration we can use against them with a larger strategy.

Trellian De Drowvani suggested that when they activate the gate to retreat that we make use of our KDF and Romulan Allies to tail them with cloaked ships and attack them on their home front. I would like however to suggest we send a cloaked probe in instead and only send in a strike-force if the odds look favorable.

I will personally volunteer the Asura to take part in this operation.

Even if the plan fails at every point, there will be minimal loss. If they don't take the bait at all, we can retrieve our supplies. If they only send a few ships after the bait ship, we can still track them back to their gate and count their numbers. Even if the minefield is completely ineffective we can still warp out our bait ship before it gets in their weapon range. Even if everything goes wrong, our fleet isn't forced to engage on their terms, allowing us to observe, orient, decide and act according to what would be most beneficial.

Credit goes to Sindari for the minefield part of the idea, and Trellian for good council.

Captain Hanabi C. Badhand
U.S.S. Asura (NX-97009)

38th Fleet has submitted this plan to Starfleet and has received approval to do it. The Romulan Republic has approved of our use of the planet in the Azure nebula as well.

Three industrial replicators have been diverted for use on fabrication of the decoy lab, and will be arriving at a rendezvous point in two days.

Starfleet Intelligence will need updated information on when we are complete with preparation to initiate the plan, and Starfleet Command will grant final approval to initiate.

I have approved the use of the USS Asura as the ship for this operation, however the USS Riga, USS Dresden, and USS Constant should start preparations as back-up ships should the USS Asura be unable to conduct the mission.

Several other support ships should begin preparations to support this operation, including the USS Paladin as a lead for the strike team

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SUBJECT: Plan Proposal
Plan: Shell Game
Classified: LvL 5 Clearance


My proposal is based on the past effectiveness of attacks inside the Herald Sphere. The plan could use elements of Cpt. Hanabi's proposal, namely setting up a fake target, to attract a Herald fleet into attacking it. It could also be put into effect, by stationing Cpt. Quint's fast reactionary force in the middle of the operating theater, and responding quickly to an attack in progress. Although that is not the most ideal way of conducting this operation.

I propose using the fast reactionary force to launch a raid inside a herald sphere, with the goal of causing major damage to their gate technology, and buying us time to regroup, and resupply the fleet. Our last venture into one of their spheres, disrupted their operations for weeks, and bought us time. I hope to buy us months, and make them think twice about their attacks, and intelligence with this plan.

If we use elements of Cpt Hanabi's plan, I would want the orbit above our fake target to be saturated with cloaked mines, and heavier elements of the fleet stationed close by to help attack, or distract the Heralds, depending on how the raid goes. If the Heralds keep to their usual tactics, they will move their forces into orbit, and use their command ship to bombard the target from space. My plan is to let them pass to the target, while our fast reactionary force moves from hiding in the systems asteroid belt, and into the Herald sphere through their gate.

Once inside they will commence an attack, on the structures we have determined to be part of the Heralds gateway system. I will be talking to our base's engineering staff, to see if they can rig up a high yield bomb, or device we can use to cause more serious damage than a torpedo to the structures. If there are to many enemy forces inside the sphere, I would have the raiding force withdraw, and have the minefield activated to slow Herald forces from blocking the gate, while heavier fleet elements attack them from behind. If the attack goes well, we activate the minefield, and ensnare the fleet attacking the planet. The herald fleet will then be trapped in our space, and can be attacked from the front, by the fast reactionary force when it returns, and from behind by our heavier fleet elements. If the faster ships focus on the smaller screening vessels and probes, while the heavier ships concentrate on the cruisers, and command ship, we should do well.

This is my ideal proposed mission if it is considered, as the other variation involves waiting for the Heralds to attack. Rushing to the scene of a Herald attack, and trying to sneak by them, and into the gate, is a much riskier operation, and would not be optimal for inflicting more losses on them, than us. This concludes my proposal

Captain Trellain De Drowvani
USS Riga