91660.4 FNS: Uncertain Future for Stranded Pariah Colony

91660.4 Federation News Service: Uncertain Future for Stranded Pariah Colony

Long-time readers of this newswire will remember the extensive coverage we provided months back on the discovery of the extragalactic solar system, October-1a, now formally known as the Pariah System, and the development of a research colony on the M-class moon of Krikaya. Our last reports on the joint efforts of the Federation and Romulan Republic showed that everything was going swimmingly, with several waves of colonist-researchers settled on the surface of the snowy moon, with several notable discoveries already, including a foreign mineral not known to the Milky Way galaxy, as well as an almost entirely intact alien derelict vessel for the archaeologists to pour over.

But today the colony is now facing an uncertain future after an unexpected turn of events when the 'Pariah Borg', as they're known for their slightly anomalous behavior compared to the standard Collective, managed to get their cybernetically-enhanced digits on some highly volatile contraband: omega molecules, stolen from Dyson Joint Command over half a year ago. In a confused engagement, the molecules destabilized and an enormous region of subspace was ruptured as a result. The affected area contains the entirety of the Pariah System and then some.

Though the colony site itself was selected for its potential self-sustainability, up until now it has still been fairly reliant on regular imports from Milky Way suppliers. We were unable to reach Starfleet Colonial Command for a comment on this turn of events and what likely future courses of action will be, but it's not hard to imagine the furor behind those closed doors as Starfleet's and the Republic's best and brightest start working on solutions.

The Krikaya moon colony is currently home to some eight to ten thousand people, made up of both Starfleet and Romulan Republic officers and supplanted with civilians from both the Federation and the Republic. Also stranded within the system is the U.S.S. Pelagia, a Nebula-class research vessel assigned to support the colony, and the U.S.S. Providence, which had been en route to Krikaya to pick up personnel for an unrelated assignment.




To make everything a bit more convenient for people, we have added a section on the fleet LCARS roster to help players find other stranded players for RP. Please feel free to post to this thread to note if your character is there with the 'stranded' group.

This means that if you were there for the U.S.S. Providence RP, your character is part of the stranded group, but you have an opportunity here to retcon if you like. Similarly, if your character was NOT there for the RP, you may now state (for the record) that they are stranded with the rest and, if you like, perhaps some detail on how your character ended up there.

Here are some options:

  • character was on the U.S.S. Providence to attend an observation expedition of some astronomical phenomena (default)
  • character was already on the Pariah Colony for reasons
  • if you are working on a VESSEL and want to strand the entire ship in Pariah, please talk to Katriel first
((OOC: I'd like to retcon my decision to become stranded, I just feel that over the next few months there will be greater RP for me on the base then being stranded. I'd like to still help in the arc trying to rescue the people of course. ICly I was on my way to rendezvous with the USS Providence, but my shuttle was delayed.))
((Agnie has been doing some work rotations on-board various ships to get extra experience working with engaged warp propulsion drives, and she just happened to be on the Providence for this mission. She wasn't there for the RP -- she was belowdecks, working on something or other.))
((OOC: Arri was on the Providence for the astronomical survey thingie. I wasn't there for the RP though because I was, as usual, busy during the RP time and couldn't make it blah blah blah, whine whine lol. I'll say she was in one of the science labs or something.))
((Bolian intelligence specialist extraodinaire, Captain Yan Kiss is stranded at the colonies after he was send to assess star fleet rules and regulations as well as procedures on the vessel. ))
((Cadet Daryn Crosdale was stranded on the vessel while observing the survey for final academy credits.)
(( Counselor Loreih of Deep Space Thirteen was stranded on the Providence. She was at the rp on Friday night.))
(( MACO Major Alexis Treslet, CO of 4th platoon 5th Company. He was at the Friday's RP))
((Dr. Sariel of Vulcan was aboard the Providence treating a member of the crew for the duration of what was supposed to be a short voyage.))
((Alexander Vangilder was aboard the Providence to get some experience off station on what was supposed to be a there and back run. He wasn't at the RPs cause his player has to work all the time but can be around for RP Tuesdays and Wednesdays typically :) ))
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