96764.5 On Call Response Incident, Event Horizon Lounge

96764.5 LCDR Kerr (NPC) Level 1 - Open

RESPONSE TYPE Medical Emergency

CALLED IN BY LCDR Sedai, Katriel

OUTCOME Medical response team arrived at Event Horizon lounge and treated 1 Jem’Hadar male, who was bleeding somewhat severely from a damaged artery in his neck, due to the self-imposed (?) removal of the subject’s feeding tube. Applied x4 extra-strength dermal patches to help hold wound closed and slow blood loss. Subject was escorted back to his vessel by LT Mercer.


  • CAPT Varley, Lauren
  • LCDR Sedai, Katriel
  • LT Max
  • LT Mercer, Olivia
  • THIRD Lorso’toran
  • MED Response Team #28-F

Random RP in the lounge.

96770 LT S. Valore Level 3 - Restricted

ADDENDUM It has come to the attention of this officer that this incident is indicative of a larger rift between the Vorta of the Founders Wisdom and their Jem’Hadar subordinates. The male Vorta officer quickly became hostile upon LTJG Max bringing the matter up at Event Horizon and mentioning facts that were not collected. He lashed out in what appeared to be fear or injury. It is the opinion of this officer that there is far more to this than a singular isolated incident.

This officer recommends the gathering of additional information in ways and means that would appear to be unofficial or not conducted by Starfleet. There is a crack here, and if traced, could lead us back to internal squabbles amongst the Dominion. There is benefit to be had in having a hook. As of right now, this officer opines that the testimonials are incomplete and that the fleet would benefit from acquiring additional information rather than dropping the matter. If anything, it would create room for greater compliance with our allies.