97644 Federation News Service

Imperial news sources have been reporting another attack made by the Matriarch of House Mo’Kai’s devastating mycelial superweapon, this time in the Khitomer System. Well known as a site for many critical historical events for the Klingon-Federation alliance, today Khitomer serves as one of the primary diplomatic hubs for the Khitomer Alliance’s many delegates and representatives. Tragically we have early casualty reports that several hundred of these souls, who were dedicated to peace and galactic harmony, were lost in today’s senseless catastrophe.

We’re continuing to collect eyewitness accounts and reports of the exact chronology of events, but thus far the only commonalities are in the absolute frenetic chaos of personnel trying to escape the oncoming mycelial wave as it swept through the diplomatic halls. Chairman K’senneta of the Khitomer Alliance did somehow appear to have some forewarning of the attack, as many recall hearing an evacuation order come shortly before the wave actually struck. The majority of survivors were able to transport out during this timeframe, though a few other personnel were able to escape even while the wave was coming towards them.

Chamber of Alliance on Khitomer, before the mycelial wave struck

Federation Ambassador Jiro Sugihara was one of these and though he is currently hospitalized in stable condition, his aides were able to give us a brief secondhand report of his accounting. According to the Ambassador’s claims, he had been assisted by a House Mo’Kai fighter in his escape, and claimed to have witnessed Mo’Kai fighters assisting others as well. The Ambassador’s aides have stressed that Ambassador Sugihara has also admitted that the events were chaotic and due to his injuries, it is possible he is not recalling them accurately. We wish the Ambassador all speed with his recovery.

Remaining reports cover the orbital combat that occurred between House Mo’Kai’s fleet and J’mpok’s forces after the mycelial weapon had been fired. Our investigators have not yet been able to access the recordings from Khitomer’s orbital satellites to determine what took place, however Captain Kagran, of the A.F.S. Khitomer, has assured us that official reports will be released as soon as they are sanitized for the press.

Matriarch J’Ula remains at large at this time. Though we were not able to get an official statement from Chancellor J’mpok, representatives from his inner circle have assured us that no other issue has higher priority than eliminating the Mo’Kai threat.

((Events of The Khitomer Discord are now fleet canon.))