A Big Argo Thank You To Coby!

Argo Friends,

I need you all to help me give a big thanks to our friend Coby. Coby joined Argo several years ago and has been a great influence and character for the fleet. He was a squadron commander and then earlier this year he took on even more duties as a Moderator.

Recently, Coby has had a change in his schedule and hasn't been able to put as much time into Moderating. So, he has asked to step down as a moderator.

Obviously, we said "no". Duh. Then he hacked my bank accounts and ruined my credit score. So, I knew he meant business!

Anyway, what we want to do is say "thank you" to Coby. Thanks, Coby, for being such a great moderator for the fleet. You handled a lot of applicants that had playtimes unavailable to the other admins. And you did it well. I'd say that the increase in players from those timezones is directly related to Coby and the moderators' efforts.

But, most of all, thanks for being such a great player, RPer and friend. I know you're not leaving-leaving, but I miss having you around, nonetheless.

We look forward to a time when you are able to get back to Argo more often.

Thank you!
Dae and the Admin team

Coby, thanks for all you do. You're a true gentleman and a scholar. o7
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Colby, I really dig your cheese.

But really, thank you for being a big help to the fleet.
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Hey nub.

Just seconding what Dae said.
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Oh~ stop it, you'll make me blush!


Really appreciate those kind words, looking forward to once my schedule becomes reasonable and I'll be able to get back to actually get back to role playing with you guys.
Yeah thanks a lot Coby! I personally owe a lot too you!
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Thanks for everything Coby! You've been a great contributor to the fleet!
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Cobyyyyyy! We love yoooooooou!
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I haven't been in the fleet long, but thanks for your special intro RP mission as an alternative to bar-trek, I really appreciated that! [:
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Coooooby thanks for everything you've done for the fleet and in helping me!
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Thank you Coby, indeed :) The Ananke will gladly wait you for another inspection :d
:( thanks bud :(
[additional compliment to Coby here]

But nah you're pretty cool, even though we rarely interact (mostly due to my play time, I miss a lot of the British and Co.)
Thanks for all Coby :d