A Glorious New Campaign

To: 38th.ShipCOs
CC: RADM Quint; CAPT Konieczko;
From: ADM Perim
Subj: A Glorious New Campaign

Rejoice, Captains, as we begin preparations to embark on a glorious new campaign for the Empire.

Over the next half-year, the mighty vessels of the 38th will receive systems enhancements to prepare for the upcoming mission. Additionally, every ship older than 18 months off the line will be scheduled for a full overhaul to bring weapons and defenses up to the most modern standards. Vessels too old to be retrofitted will be scrapped for parts, and their crews reassigned to newly constructed replacements.

Prepare yourselves and your crews. The tasks that lie before us are of the utmost sensitivity. If you must cull your crews of disloyalty and mistrust, do so quickly so that replacements can be procured by the time your ship’s upgrades are complete – the Empire will not accept disruptions to its timetable.

Upgrades will take place at Battlestation Argo’s drydocks as well as at the shipyards of Tzenketh. The Battlefleet Patrol and Annexation Schedule has been amended to ensure that the refits do not compromise our security or expansion. Take note of your assignments. If you are not present when your upgrade is scheduled to begin, another ship will take your slot and you will be replaced as Captain.

The exact nature of our upcoming mission will be shared with you in due time. For the time being, this information is to be kept tightly restricted. It is not to be discussed with your officers, your personal guards, your chefs, your concubines. It is not to be shared with Captains from other fleets, visiting flag officers, public officials, or anyone. Test the flexibility of this restriction at your own peril.

As always, the loyal and dutiful have nothing to fear. Gather your strength, your guile, and your resolve. Soon we lead the Empire to a brave new future.

Admiral Neema Perim
Commanding, 38th Battlefleet

OOC Though most characters aren’t privy to the contents of this message, its effects should be felt throughout the fleet. The feeling that preparations are being made. Significant upgrades and even more military build-up than usual. Tightened security. Secret meetings.

I realize that this is the last day of the event, but my intent is to start setting up the atmosphere and lead-in to the next Parallax event and give everyone plenty of time to think about how their mirror characters are involved and changing between now and then.