A handwritten letter to Sam from his brother

The letter is handwritten and is sealed with the Bishop family crest.

To Captain Dr Samuel Alexander Bishop - USS Endeavour

Dearest brother,

It is with great regret that I write to inform you that in the early hours of the morning, on the 24th of October 2416, our Mother, Natalia Rowan Bishop, passed away.

I cannot even begin to understand your grief; you were closer to her than I ever was. She often spoke highly of you and told us to tell you that she loved you.

Of course, it would be best if you are able to come for the funeral but I understand if you are unable to attend.

I am sorry Sam. It is hard on us both. We are the only ones left now. I am glad that you are my brother; our bond is something both Mother was proud of, and it would have made Father proud too.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.


Admiral Sebastian Alexander Bishop
Head Office, Earth