A Letter to Alyx on her Wedding Day

The following letter and gift are dropped off on the Shackleton, going through the tight security measures put in place and eventually passing. The letter is addressed to "Alyx Derenzis," and is written in neat, slender, cursive ink, on high-quality cream paper, sealed with golden wax bearing the Bishop house crest. The gift is plainly wrapped, and contains an engraved wooden box, with the text saying "Alyx and T'Shair", and the date of their wedding. The box is lined with purple velvet, and is empty.

Dear Alyx,

As Starfleet Captains, we are no strangers to the exploration of the unknown. The lure of the secrets of the galaxy, the mysterious beauty of space, and the discovery of distant stars; these are all the things that drive us to do what we do every day. You, however, embark on a journey more unknown, more mysterious, and more beautiful than anything else. Like space exploration, it will not always be easy. You will find it difficult, you will find it frustrating, you will find it hopeless. But what will always shine through, is your commitment to each other and your commitment to love. It will be your guiding star to which you will set your course. It will be the wind that fills your sails, the rudder that steers you through the rough seas of life.

Take care of and cherish each other. Be each other's sword and shield. Enjoy the good days, and take strength from the bad. Never forget that no matter what happens, no matter where life takes you, or how far apart you may be, you will always have each other.

I wish you and T'Shair all the best; may your lives be filled with love and joy and happiness, always.


Samuel Alexander Bishop
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