A Message From Tevalak's

Citizens and Officers of Deep Space 13, I am Wallstark, Governor of Tevalak’s Ice Cream Franchise.

I have one simple message for you all today; You have another option in your pursuit of happiness and that is Tevalak’s.

We at Tevalak’s, under the guidance of our brilliant and visionary founder, aim to unlock your taste buds, take them on a journey of a kind you may only hear or read about in news articles on our brave and glorious Federation and Romulan Republic Defenders. Like the Federation, we are dedicated to exploring, only in Tevalak’s case, we aim to seek out new civilizations of flavour and we want to take you on that journey.

So, when you are ready for the best ice cream experience, come on down to Tevalak’s and bring your family.

We await your imminent arrival.

Message Ends