A Moment in Time

A snowflake, one of many, drifts down through the greyed skies. It's pattern of gentle flutter totally random. It misses the tree tops. It misses the electrical poles. It even misses the street lights. It lands on the forehead of John Doe, who looks up to realize that it is snowing.

He holds open both arms, as if to welcome the snow into his world. It drifts around him in gentle torrents. He can feel the flakes landing on his face, like a hundreds of cold little kisses from mother nature whom he reveres. He forgets about work. He forgets about his family. He even forgets about the rest of his failures. He simply lets the cold embrace douse the flames of his frustrations.

The ivory snow purifies him. It cleanses the stain of his regrets. For a moment as the flakes connect him with all that is around he is happy, and free.

The moment in time ends, and he resumes his walk up the street to his house.