A Party Interrupted

Niazov sat at a round table in her quarters, the colorful thick carpet and walls decorated by stuffed animals that composed her office being repeated here tenfold. In the other seats were several plushies the size of Niazov herself. She began pouring everyone hot cocoa.

"Works going alright. You know, the usual. People doing dumb stuff." she spoke to everyone seated. "How about you guys? Any news?"

She looked at the wolf. "Ayyyy, congrats man! Moving up in the world, are we? Pack leader, woof. That's step up, huh? Congrats dude, I always knew you could make it."

She sipped from her cocoa. "Hey Balthazar." she looked at the kangaroo. "Stayin' clean, I hope? None of that crystal in your pouch? Keeping your latinum in budget? We all know what happened last time you gambled with the sharks." she thumbed at a series of shark plushies on the sofa.

"Yeaah yeaah yeah yeaaah." she replied, offended as though she herself were being lectured. "Look. I lost like three latinum at poker. That's not too bad. Besides, like I said, she totally freaking cheated. Two straights and three full houses in a row? I bet O'Dara's her shill."

She looked at the others. "What about you two?" she looked at the penguin and bear, taking a sip of her cocoa. In the midst of it, she did a spit take all over everyone "YOU WHAT!?" she exclaimed, not expecting that news. As she mock-inhaled deeply, she offered them a smile. "Congrats! I'm sure you two will be happy together! You know, this kinda reminds me of-"

She stopped her monologue as she checked a message on her PADD. "...good evening Lieutenant Niazov..." she mumbled in her reading. "...let me know if I can be of further..." she scrolled to the forwarded message, inhaling deeply. "Ah sh-"