A Vorta in a Cadet Uniform

Starfleet Academy, Earth, 2378, Three Years After the Dominion War

A young female Vorta stands in front of a mirror. She furrows her brow as she examines herself, blue shirt with a blue strip and paired with black pants. It didn't look right. Vorta aren't supposed to wear uniforms. She sighs and moves to the door of her quarters. As she puts a door on the metal door her eyes widen, a shiver runs down her spine. Just like the cell, a cold metal door regulating when I can and can't leave my living space. The door opens and with a deep breath the Vorta leaves the room.

A Human instructor stands in the center of a classroom. He takes roll, looking over all the students. There were the typical species, Vulcan, Benzite, Human, Andorian, Tellarite, Bolian. In the back of the room a student sits away from all the others, hiding from the others. The instructor continues to take roll.

"K'trell?" A Caitian stands and then sits.

"Kennedy?" A Human stands and then sits.

"Keth?" The student in the back slowly stands. As she becomes more visible it is clear that she's different. This odd appearance and species give the instructor pause.

"You're a Vorta." It was a short response, but it said much. The students were fully engrossed in examining the newcomer, the outsider. Three years earlier this same person represented the largest enemy of the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant. It didn't take much time for Keth to formulate a response. She might have been in solitary confinement for over a year, but she still wasn't familiar with the concept of superior officers.

"Yes, I am a Vorta. If there is a problem with that then I'll be happy to leave." Such a response was not typical of a cadet, and usually they would face a stern talking to, perhaps only a brief warning. Keth, however, had been an enemy. Enemies couldn't be given that type of leeway.

"See me after class cadet." Keth slowly sat down, her eyes narrowed at the instructor. The roll call continued.

As the bell rang the students got up and exited. All except for one, the Vorta. She stayed in the back of the room, not bothering to move for her instructor. He made his way to her position, a stern look growing on his face.

"Cadet, can you explain to me why you thought it was okay to talk to me in such a manner?" The response came slowly as Keth stared at the instructor with her violet eyes. Should I tell him the truth and get kicked out, or should I lie about it and make myself look like an idiot? The Vorta opened her mouth.

"Because I don't respect your authority." She had decided to tell the truth.

"I suppose it wouldn't make sense to have you add on sir, now would it?" The instructor was clearly getting irritated. His fist balling up.

"No, it wouldn't. Have a good day...sir." And with that Keth stood up and left. She didn't trust nor respect Starfleet yet, and she wasn't going to start soon. The only reason she had joined was because there was no where else to turn. Though in time she would respect Starfleet and even praise it, now was not the time, and the time wouldn't come until much later.