AAR: 20 July: Archaeological RP

Stardate 93551.3
CDT U. Stern
Level 1

LOCATION: Research Lab Five

MISSION: Establish a baseline translation matrix for the Valdari language.

OUTCOME: A computer program able to scan pictographs and offer a translation was created. The program serves as an effective first step, but further refinement and additional source material will be needed.

CAPT Timoreev
CAPT Bishop
CDT Stern

DISCUSSION: The translation team was summoned to Research Lab Five to start the translation process. Several known facts were outlined, and various theories were put forth before the actual translation work begun.

A leading theory states that the language samples in our possession did not serve as the primary language for the Valdari, but were rather meant to be a widely understood, secondary language. There are numerous examples of this across the Federation, often in locations where there is a large tourist density. Pictures can convey basic concepts to a wider audience, even with the numerous translation aids in use today.

After taking a look at the various samples it was decided that the fastest method to establish a baseline translation would be through a computer program. In broad terms, this program 'sees' the line of pictographs and sorts the resulting image through a large database. The computer offers a prediction once the cycle is complete. We were able to translate several lines with a fairly high confidence level, but the meaning behind the lines was often unclear.

Captain Timoreev suggested that there was a possibility of a more abstract form of communication. It can't be ruled out based off the phrases we translated.

The program will require optimization before it sees widespread use, but should serve as an effective translation matrix after that process is complete. Further tests will determine the feasibility of scaling the matrix down to interface with the universal translator.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend additional vessels travel to the Valdari planet with the aim of uncovering more language samples. The computer code also requires optimization. In it's current state it likely requires the processing power of a supporting vessel, and not the simple universal translator matrix found in our badges.

OOC: This was run by @chrisdubois as a follow-up to the exploration of POI-K-2405.