AAR: A cluster of problems

CC: CAPT D. Konieczko, U.S.S. Vanguard
FROM: CAPT A. A. Timoreev, U.S.S. Ananke
SUBJECT: Diplomatic talks with Liyan Cluster powers

In stardate 93139.2 the U.S.S. Ananke reached the Daruda system, inside the Liyan Cluster. The system was previously choosen as neutral ground for a preliminary meeting between Federation representatives and the ambassadors of the Gad Unified Council and the Kirrshan Confederacy, the two major powers inside the cluster, as a result of Starfleet request to open official diplomatic channels with them.
The Ananke had already performed, during the previous days, analysis over our satellite web in order to ascertain that no further hacking attempts were undertaken, and to collect few more data on the region.
As planned, both ambassadors were orbiting the third planet of the Daruda system, with their sole ship. After a first contact through viewscreen, rebuffing the invitation of Guden, representative of the Gad Council, to use his ship for the negotiations, Capt. Nimitz proposed to go to the surface, as a neutral ground for everybody.
With a shuttle, we then reached planet. The group was composed by myself, Capt. VanDeer, Capt. Nimitz, and Capt. Bishop.
Once on the surface, and after the usual formalities, it immediately appear clear how difficult it would've been to reach a consensus about almost everything. We asked the two ambassadors to state thier governments requests in order to reach a mutual understanding about the steps to be taken to ensure stability to the region. Needless to say, both governments had their own requests against the other.
More precisely, this was the request of the Gadians toward the Kirrshans:

  • To stop their fleet construction programs, which they believe to be aimed directly against them

The Kirsshans made the following requests against the Gadians:

  • To stop the Gadians military demonstrations at the borders;
  • To stop the indiscriminate use of Gadian influence over the Elyon Republic;
  • To stop the intelligence operations the Gadians are clearly undertaking against the Confederacy;

In face of the obvious lack of mutual trust between the parts, Capt. Nimitz suggested that Starfleet could take care of overseeing the first steps in the pacification process, namely a deceleration of the Kirrshan fleet construction program, and the dismantlement of Gadian surveillance outposts. Capt. VanDeer proposed the establishment of Federation diplomatic representations on both homeworlds.
The words of both Capt. Nimitz and Capt. Bishop were particularly well received, and with the two ambassadors agreeing on this point, we returned to our respective ships.
Once on board, I ordered the Ananke back to Deep Space Thirteen.

It is my opinion that the idea of Capt. Nimitz is feasible, although it would mean for Starfleet to undertake a very delicate and difficult operation. The whole issue should be handled with extreme caution. I also recommend that the opportunity should be taken in order to evaluate if there have been already interferences by other foreign powers, namely the Klingon Empire.


Captain Andrej A. Timoreev,
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Ananke - 38th Fleet Taurus Squadron