AAR | A Matter of Concern

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LT Aev

LOCATION Forward Outposts M4-564, M4-565, and M4-566

MISSION Investigate cause of communications silence from forward outposts.

OUTCOME Two outposts destroyed, one intact with a recovered survivor. Suspected anti-cooperation Romulan terrorist faction suspected.


  • CDR Nathes
  • SCDR Loval
  • SCDR Taela t’Parnus
  • LT Aev

  • CAPT Na’Toth, S.
  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • ENS Thyzee

NARRATIVE After several weeks of communications silence from the aforementioned outposts, a joint task force of Republic and Starfleet vessels under the command of Commander Nathes was established to investigate. A large debris field was detected immediately upon arrival at the first outpost. Detailed scans from the task force vessels and analysis concluded the tactics were distinctly Romulan. This was confirmed by weapon signatures. The area was tagged for further analysis while the task force moved to the second outpost.

The fate of the second outpost was much the same. However, the amount of destruction, while still enough to render the facility beyond repair, was not as severe as the first. It’s possible this facility was able to mount a more effective defense. Analysis of the battle space determined tactics used were far more in line with a traditional Klingon or ex-Federation style of attack, leading the task force to suspect two groups of attackers.

The third facility was intact upon arrival. Of note, the task force did recover one survivor, who was immediately beamed aboard a task for vessel and placed in isolation pending a full medical and security sweep. We were able to recover data indicating that a suspected terror group with the motivations of ending interspecies cooperation was responsible.

After all three outposts were searched the task force retired to DS13 for a full debrief.

RECOMMENDATION Several follow-up actions should be taken at this time. First, the remaining facility should be investigated further. It is highly likely that facility has been rigged with traps in some way, so specialized teams will need to sweep the site prior to investigation.

Second, the survivor should be interviewed. It’s likely he’ll be able to provide a timeline and further details of the attack.

Third, each identified warp route (Chal’tok, H’atoria, and Mol’Rihan) should be investigated. It’s unlikely either of those three will lead to bases, but the lead must be pursued.

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