AAR: A Right Pig's Ear

Stardate 96573.2
LT M. Reyes
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: U.S.S. Endeavour.

MISSION: Remove organic creatures prior to the baryon sweep.

OUTCOME: All creatures removed. Sweep was successful.

CAPT A. Nimitz
LCDR G. Niya
LT M. Reyes
ENS R. Mitsuki

CPT G. Valencia

NARRATIVE: Due to an accident involving two crewmembers when transporting animals off the ship and to the station before the baryon sweep, ten Jizgii escaped captivity. This officer was recalled back to duty and coordinated teams of the few crewmembers still onboard the ship. Captain Valencia took the two crewmembers who caused the incident on one team, Captain Nimitz worked on his own, whilst Lieutenant Commander Niya and Ensign Mituski worked together. The Jizgii were all captured, some being found in the lounge, Commander Samaras' quarters, and the bridge. All were captured with minimal injuries.

RECOMMENDATION: This officer would like to thank those who helped capture the animals to ensure the ship was able to undergo the sweep as scheduled. The two crewmembers who caused the accident should be reminded of proper animal transport protocol and should incur a minor disciplinary measure.

OOC: This is the AAR for "A Right Pig's Ear". Event Logs available on request.