AAR: Aid Convoy to Ch'Aehkla

Stardate 92936.8

SUBJ AAR: Aid Convoy to Ch'Aehkla


I'm filing this report to document the events of our recent mission of mercy to the Republic colony of Ch'Aehkla. I commanded the lead Warbird of the escort detail, Commander Thue of the Warbird Aensai took position to protect the rear of the convoy, under cloak and radio silent to avoid detection. Two Starfleet vessels, the Republic and the Scharnhorst protected the convoy's flanks to port and starboard. The convoy itself consisted of a number of freighters under the order of Starfleet, most notably, the S.S. Herman.

I set off on a standard course towards our destination, and for a while all seemed fine. Though eventually it became plain that we were being trailed by cloaked vessels, at first these registered as anomalies, but further scans provided more detailed findings. I already figured these were warbirds of the Imperial remnant, likely under Tal Shair charge, but I was determined to remain on course, to make the delivery without delay or distraction.

This however was made impossible, for the S.S. Herman had begun to fall behind and eventually broke formation completely and dropped out of warp. Commander Thue had already requested permission to fall back under cloak to offer protection and tactical information to the convoy escort detail. I, of course granted her permission to do so. I then ordered the convoy to halt, and move to investigate the situation aboard the Herman.

It was my intention to initiate a tachyon pulse to help reveal the nature of the cloaked anomalies fully, but before I carried this out, Captain De Drowvani of the Scharnhorst suggests a more focused probe based solution. Which we used to drop an Imperial Warbird out of cloak.

There was a report of chaos aboard the Herman, which later was reported to be a mutiny. Starfleet sent a security force over to end the hostilities, but in the midst of the situation, a number of the supplies aboard the Herman, and one of her crew were transported to the Imperial Warbird. The Starfleet team managed to capture a single suspected Tal Shiar agent aboard the Herman, who now rests in the brig of the Aensai.

Unfortunately we could not prevent the escape of the Warbird, or the recovery of the supplies they stole. But we continued to Ch'Aehkla with the remaining aid, changing our course to prevent further interruption. Upon entering the system, we could pick up a fleeing Imperial Warbird on sensors, but I decided that the delivery of aid supplies was more important at that moment, than giving chase.

I would like to commend our Starfleet allies in their cooperation in this mission. I would also wish to praise the crew of the Aensai and that Warbird's commander, as well as Lieutenant Jekal, who assisted me aboard the Sia, for their careful work.


For the Republic,

Riov Taval tr'Solos