AAR: All Wormholes Must Die (MU)

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LT Izly, Jodi

LOCATION ISS Birk, Doza Sector

MISSION Per the request of Her Ladyship, the ISS Birk was sent out to perform a scouting mission in the hopes of seeing if the Federation was also attempting to use wormhole technology

OUTCOME Underwhelming Success

LT Izly, J.
ENS Mkembe, M [NPC]
LT Aphel, M [NPC]
CMDR Ehuna, J.
Savant Adjutant Thyzee

NARRATIVE The actual mission itself was a boring one, our vessel warping into this middling sector to find much of nothing except for a dark nebula nearby. After some time sitting around, ENS Mkembe made note of two Federation vessels on a course for the area- not aimed for us, but we still stuck to the requested scouting parameters regardless; the Birk itself was moved inside the dark nebula to help keep it hidden as we continued to observe.

After some time the two vessels appeared and simply seemed to be idling same as our own, when a wormhole appeared to open seemingly from nowhere not far from either side’s vessels- ENS Mkembe tracing it back to the Yuhop System for where the other side connected. At this point there was some debate among the Bridge Team and the Emperor’s Savant Adjutant about further analysis of the wormhole- however again the formerly noted Ensign displayed practical use of lessons taught during training by ensuring the Bridge that the wormhole was naturally occurring- and not a creation of Azedi weaponry design.

Though after enough time spent sitting on our hands with not much else occurring- we decided the best course of action to be to leave the system to return and report our findings; ENS Mkembe and LT Aphel were ordered to perform a coordinated maneuver wherein a large asteroid nearby was to be picked up and slung towards the wormhole and used to assist in covering our escape- such a plan was executed flawlessly and left the Federation without a trace of us.

RECOMMENDATION It’s likely the Federation wants as much to do with this wormhole tech as we do- if only on a more lax level (As appears to be the usual for them) so long as we continue to whittle away at Azedi Wormhole Experts- we will surely succeed in eliminating every single one of them. Outside of that, it may be of some use to note that the wormhole’s connection led directly to one of the more fortified Federation spaces- some kind of interesting conundrum could befall them if it were taken advantage of.

RECOGNITION A heavy level of recognition goes to the ISS Birk’s Ensign Mkembe for being of such large use within this mission, if able the Officer in question may be available for a promotion in the near future.

OOC For the All Wormholes Must Die event run by @Lauren! Barring some technical difficulties on my end in the beginning- the event itself was very interesting to try!