AAR: Annatar Diplomatic Visit

Stardate 95975.6
CMDR S. al Firawn
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Annatar System, Betazed Sector.

MISSION: Question the Annatari about the oribots.

OUTCOME: No knowledge gained from the Annatari; two bots were given to the Annatari for their own studies with the promise of a knowledge exchange.

CMDR S. al Firawn

Farrokjuli ((NPC))

NARRATIVE: In order to try to gain more intelligence about the "oribots", the U.S.S. al-Haytham entered the Annatar System to question the Annatari about the bots, given that the Annatari themselves had built their civilisation from drones.

Unfortunately, the Annatarran who we spoke to, Farrokjuli, informed us that the Annatari had not encountered such bots and they had no information that they could give us. They did, however, agree to assist us in research. We delivered two of the bots that we had obtained earlier to the Annatari, who would conduct their own tests and then share any information that they were able to gather with us. With the discussion concluded, the U.S.S. al-Haytham was ushered to leave, which we complied with, lest we overstayed our welcome.

RECOMMENDATION: Though the Annatari could give us no information up front, I believe that with their skills and technology, they may be able to provide information that we have overlooked. We await their findings.

The U.S.S. al-Haytham will return to the Kelterre system to continue our observation of the oribots.

OOC: This was an offscreen event.