AAR: Annatar Distress Call Response

Stardate: 93521.6AAR: Annatar Distress Call ResponseReport Submitted: CMDR ThueLevel 1: Open

On stardate 93521.3 as distress call was received. Ships responding included U.S.S Asimov, Vanguard, Polaris, Helios, the non-fleet ship Colchis, and R.R.W. Aensai.

On first approach four of these drone ships belonging to the Annatari (no data found on drones, as of mission arrival, in Starfleet systems) were located in a diamond formation. One of these drones was active while the remaining three were not. The distress call was standard and in a repeating loop, with no specifics. After scanning and general review for vessels, Aensai was cleared for action by Vanguard to collect one of the inactive drone ships and attempt to gain access to the data aboard its interface. On towing in and review, the only way to access the datacore was to overload the shielding surrounding the core. My crew did so and accessed the interface, to find the below data, summarized;

The drone ships were attacked by a high-powered energy weapon, coming from an indeterminate direction of an indeterminate type. The ships were too primitive in their sensor systems to log this data. The datacore was dumped onto an independent console (in case vacuum exposure were to damage the datacore with the shielding down) and the ship released.

As this was conducted, a small group of Echometa ships joined us. They began to demand that we release the Annatari vessels into their care to return to their Annatar friends. At one point an implication was made by the Echometa that, since on arrival we were dismantling Annatari ships, we should turn said drone ships over immediately. This is where I would like to note things turned south.

After contact with the Annatar Aeronautics and Space Administration (AASA), their cheery reply of both parties being welcome to return the vessels for a reward was met by the Asimov's comms - that we would indeed be happy to turn all of the vessels over to the Echometa, for a return to Annatar. Asimov sent out an order to cease tractoring ships. In this case I must point out that Asimov's commander was the lowest ranking officer present at this response. At no point were the ranking and independently acting vessels consulted. On the Aensai, as this conflict began, we pulled data and scrapings of the scoring from the attack on the second ship.

It was at this point of full allowance of Federation member world vessels into non-Federation hands without consideration that I made a verbal protest about such actions. As we have not determined the weaponry that caused the attack on the Annatari vessels, setting them into Echometa hands as they give us vague threats would be deeply irresponsible. However, an argument began. What followed was far too long a time with long periods of silence from certain ships, possibly due to arguing. As I had an obligation to provide Annatar with the data now pulled from their now-unshielded datacore systems, I released the drone ship to be dealt with as the officers on-scene saw fit.

Aensai is currently in orbit of Annatari III. All data from the datacores has been fully turned over and explained to their aeronautics association, in anticipation of the return of the drone ships. Aensai will return for DS13 after a brief rest period, wherein my science team will turn over the scoring samples from the drone ships we examined.

I wish to make clear that I left the ships behind due to the absolute degradation of command. Commander Drei's actions in command of the Asimov led to, in my opinion, an absolute breakdown of the communication with the Echometa and the Annatari and may have helped to cause a diplomatic incident. The Echometa are determined to see Starfleet in a bad light, and thanks to a lack of conferring with superior officers before taking action, we will now likely see the worst-case scenario.

Commander Thue
Stardate 93523.4
FILED BY: CAPT. Konieczko, Dmitri
SECURITY: Level 1: Open

LOCATION: Unaligned Space, Kelterre Sector

MISSION: Response to automated distress call, determine origin, cause and respond appropriately.

OUTCOME: Task force vessels found the origin of the distress call, were joined by three Echometa world guard vessels and at the request of the Annatar Aeronautics and Space Administration (AASA) task force vessels turned over possession of Annatar drones.

CAPT. Desimone, S. (CO. U.S.S. Polaris)
CAPT. Konieczko, D. (CO. U.S.S. Vanguard)
CMDR. Skye, F. (CO. U.S.S. Helios)
CMDR. Drei, L. (ACO. U.S.S. Asimov)
CMDR. t'Xereth, T. (CO. R.R.W. Aensai)


On Stardate 93521.4, an automatic distress call was received originating from within the Kelterre sector between the Diaderi and Tower Keep systems. As it was received several ships, the U.S.S. Vanguard, Asimov, Polaris, Helios, Colchis and R.R.W Aensai responded.

In transit we were able to determine that the source of the distress was an Annatari drone, further upon arriving we found a small cluster of drones arranged in a diamond formation. With some immediate investigation we were unable to determine a cause for the distress other than a high powered weapon scarring on the drones. The R.R.W Aensai took aboard a drone to get a closer look and attempted to investigate the interior for a cause. A decision that I authorized the Commander and her vessel to take. Shortly after taking the first vessel aboard as mentioned in Commander t'Xereth's report three Echomet world guard vessels arrived. As the report Commander t'Xereth submitted is largely complete I will only comment on one big thing.

Before I got the chance to issue a response to the Echomet vessels the Asimov responded without consulting any other vessels in the task force, or even a ranking officer. The order to leave the drones in place allowing the Echometa to take them was issued by the Asimov and to my knowledge her commander, again without consultation of the other ships. When I issued counter orders they were heavily combated. The idea that I got was that the Asimov was looking to prevent a diplomatic crisis by any means necessary. In doing so, it may have created one. Issued orders should not be blindly accepted but arguing about them over an open channel with a force that already has diplomatic issues with you is not the way to prevent one.

Follow up with AASA and ensure delivery. Attempt to mitigate any potential damage done with Echomet. Investigate actions on the Asimov.

Captain Dmitri R. Konieczko
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Vanguard
Taurus Squadron CO.

<DEEP SPACE 13> DS13 to available vessels, transmitting received distress calls, please respond at best speed.
<USS VANGUARD> Vanguard receives, we'll prepare for departure.
<USS HELIOS> Helios receives, preparing for departure.
<RRW AENSAI> Aensai receiving. Preparing for departure.
<USS VANGUARD> Vanguard to all responding vessels. We've matched the signal of the distress call to one in our database. The source appears to be an Annatar drone.
<RRW AENSAI> We've very little information on these - on this species. Responding ships, should we expect possibile hostilities with this species?
<USS HELIOS> This is the Helios, we are going to yellow alert as a safety measure.
<USS VANGUARD> Vanguard to Aensai, The Annatar are a Federation Member. We'll send you some information en route.
<RRW AENSAI> Thank you, Vanguard. We have found some but more would be useful. Aensai out.
<USS ASIMOV> Asimov is also at yellow alert, and holding formation.
<USS POLARIS> Polaris standing by at yellow alert.
<USS COLCHIS> This is Captain Abington of the Colchis, might we be of assistance?
<USS VANGUARD> As a note, whatever hit these drones was high powered. No lifesigns aboard any of them.
<RRW AENSAI> Aensai to responding ships - any reason we can't just...tractor up one of these things and see what's on it?
<RRW AENSAI> Right then. With your permission, Starfleet allies, Aensai is going to close in and retrieve a probe to determine things from a closer level.
<RRW AENSAI> Do we have permission?
<USS VANGUARD> Have at it, Aensai.
<USS POLARIS> Polaris here - there is debris in direct vicinity to the drones. No unusual energy signatures.
<USS POLARIS> Polaris to squad. Best guess is that the drones were interlinked together at some point by a network of metal cording. We beamed some of the cording aboard for analysis and can't come up with anything too exciting. No idea as yet what it might have been that blasted them apart though.
<RRW AENSAI> Aensai to other ships. We're encountering resistance on gaining access to the data this drone possesses.
<RRW AENSAI> Do your people have experience with these drones - would overloading the shield to the datacore cause some kind of issue that we are aware of?
<USS VANGUARD> Uhh.. Standby Aensai.
<RRW AENSAI> Understood, Vanguard. Aensai standing by.
<USS ASIMOV> Asimov to squadron, we're hailing the approaching vessels.
<USS VANGUARD> Aensai from Vanguard. We've got nothing in our records, proceed at your discretion.
<RRW AENSAI> Understood Vanguard. Aensai out.
<USS ASIMOV> Aensei, Cmdr. Mandra, let me know if you gain access, I might be able to help after that point.
<USS ASIMOV> Asimov to squadron, the ships appear to be Echometan design. They are not responding to hails.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> Vanguard to task force, Echometa ships have shields raised. Advise we do the same at this time.
<ANGUR-1> This it Echomet World Guard vessel Angur-1. We are responding to the Annatar ship distress. What is the situation here?
<USS ASIMOV> Federation task force to Echometan vessels. We're also responding to the distress call. We're more than willing to cooperate with your task force.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> Aensai to all responding Federation vessels. Access to the data core has given us information as to what happened. These drones were attacked by high-powered weaponry. Direction and type cannot be determined, but the remaining drone may contain that data.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> Understood Aensai, if the one you currently have can be sent back out do so and bring in another.
<ANGUR-1> We are here to collect the Annatari vessels and return them to Annatar.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> Understood, Vanguard. Hold for reassembly and release.
<USS VANGUARD> Echometa vessels from U.S.S. Vanguard. Respectfully, have you been sent by Annatar to do so?
<ANGUR-1> Echomet has taken it upon ourselves to fulfill our obligation to our galactic neighbors and assist when we are able. This is neutral space, not Federation territory. We have as much right of interest as you do, Starfleet.
<USS ASIMOV> We're simply attempting to ascertain the cause of the distress signal to ensure that no other ships are at risk, Angur-1. We welcome your help here, however we're not yet ready to remove the drones from the scene.
<USS POLARIS> Angur 1 - This is Sara Desimone of the Polaris. Any theories about what might have happened here?
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> Aensai here - negative on determining new data. The attackers cannot be identified by these drones. The drones simply weren't sophisticated enough to record the data. We'll attempt scans on the drone itself.
<ANGUR-1> You tell us, Starfleet. We're responding to the distress call of an ally, only to find Starfleet hovering at the scene, pulling apart their vessels.
<USS POLARIS> Surely you aren't making allegations.
<ANGUR-1> What would you think in our situation? The appropriate thing to do in this situation would be to return the vessels to Annatar, not surgically pull them apart.
<USS ASIMOV> We're obligated to ensure that no risk is present to any other vessels, Angur-1. Examining Federation property is simply a way to accomplish that.
<Annatar Aeronautics and Space Administration (AASA)> Hello, Starfleet and Echomet allies! How good of you to respond to our distress call!
<USS VANGUARD> Not.. a problem?
<AASA> We would greatly appreciate the return of our drone vessels and you will be compensated for your trouble!
<ANGUR-1> Annatar, this is Angur-1. We would be more than pleased to assist you in returning your vessels to your home planet.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS POLARIS> Desimone to task force - sounds fair enough to me. Who wants to pull?
<RRW AENSAI> With your permission, we have this ship secured aboard Aensai. We would be glad to make a trip to see it released.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> Asimov to Task force ships, hold position and leaves the drones in their current position.
<AASA> We are most grateful, Echomet! You will be compensated for your trouble!
<USS ASIMOV> Asimov to Angur-1. We'd like to offer you the drones to take back to Annatar. Are you able to return them all?
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> With all due respect, as these vessels were attacked by an unknown military. We can't be certain it wasn't these aliens and is it not part of our job as allies of your organization to ensure the safety of Federation worlds, and not play -diplomat-?
<ANGUR-1> Yes. Our vessels may not be as intimidating as your own, but do not underestimate us.
<USS POLARIS> No need to feel intimidated, Angur. We're all friends here.
<USS ASIMOV> We'll begin transfering the drones to you now, Angur-1.
<ANGUR-1> Typical Starfleet.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> Annatar is a federation world, we'll be able to see the findings from their investigations.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> Yes, Cadet, I recognize your voice and your point but I'd rather hear it directly from a ranking officer.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS POLARIS> Commander Thue raises an interesting point. Maybe we let the Echomet do the pulling, but we fly along with them to make sure everything ends up where it ought to.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> Asimov to Aensai, we don't need to start a diplomatic incident over this.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> Yes but you've started it, by possibly handing this over to the attackers. We've no way of knowing.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> I'm not comfortable about this. Commander t'Xereth has a valid point, we can't be certain that they did not do this damage.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> The situation with Echometa is already very fragile. We're walking on thin ice here.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> As our systems are -far more- advanced, and we can't tell, the Annatari will be unable to.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS POLARIS> Make the call, Dmitri.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> I will release this drone ship if ordered, but it must be once thought out. I will not single-handedly release this droneship into potential enemy hands. I would be remiss in my duties for doing so.
<ANGUR-1> Starfleet, Annatar has agreed to allow us to take possession of their vessels. Release them to our care so that we may return our ally's property.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> I'm fully aware of the situation with Echometa. As stated, Annatar is a federation member. Echomet is not, while Annatar did authorize the release of their vessels to Echomet. It may be worth holding onto the drone that the Aensai currently has in it's bays to return ourselves.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> It is /highly/ unlikely the Echomets did this. The charge from that weapon would be above their technology level.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> Highly unlikely, but not implausible.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> That has -no- diplomatic repercussions. They know we jointly located this.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> It shouldn't, but the Echomet have a history of shaping what we do to fit their narrative recently.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS POLARIS> I know a lady who can get five Nausicaans and a lot of guns for dirt cheap. Local tech means almost nothing. Ranking officer has made a call - debate ends.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> They're going to shape it regardless of what we choose. There's no reason we can't accompany them to Annatar.
<RRW AENSAI> RRW Aensai and allied ships will gladly join you in returning these vessels, Echometan Friends.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> That's my call. We'll allow them to take possession of the drones to escort them back to Annatar with the exception of the one on the Aensai. Since we're escorting them, we'll hold onto it for the time.
<ANGUR-1> That will not be necessary. Release the vessel to us.
<USS VANGUARD> We're releasing the drones to your possession as you return them to Annatar. We'll accompany you back as we were the first vessels to respond on scene. We may be able to shed some light for them.
<ANGUR-1> Don't trust us, Starfleet? What happened to "we're all friends here"?
<RRW AENSAI> We were given dispensation to assist and accompany you. As we also are Federation allies in the Romulan Republic, and we have information for our Federation Allies, we simply wish to accompany you as the Annatari have suggested. You would not deny us that, would you?
<USS POLARIS> It still holds, but even friends can be tiresome. We'll be heading out at warp 9 once your tractor beams have locked on. Think you can keep up?
<USS VANGUARD> I assure you, it's not a matter of a lack of trust. Only looking out for the members of our Federation. We trust you'll deliver them fine.
<ANGUR-1> The Annatari have made no such suggestion, they accepted our help to return the vessels. You have made no such offer. You only demand and intimidate and force your will on others, as you are doing now.
<USS VANGUARD> Will you be taking them or will we?
<ANGUR-1> Annatar Aeronautics group, this is the Angur-1. We are capable of returning all your vessels on our own. Please state if you require Starfleet's assistance in addition to our own.
<RRW AENSAI> As my team had to overload the datacore's shielding and therefore I have backups of both sets of data from the probes. This will need to be provided in person.
<AASA> Well, if Echomet is able to bring them all back, that is fine with us! Then we will not inconvenience more of you, or need to give more compensation!
<USS ASIMOV> Annatar, Starfleet has no wish for compensation.
<ANGUR-1> Nor do we. But we do not need to inconvenience Starfleet and would prefer to return the vessels ourselves.
<RRW AENSAI> AASA, this is the RRW Aensai of the Romulan Republic. In the course of assisting our Federation allies, we have had to overload the shielding on the datacore of two of your ships. In doing so, we have compromised- unintentionally - the potential integrity of those two. We have two physical backups in secured systems we would like to deliver alongside your Echometan friends. No compensation required.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> If we do send any of our vessels with the Echomets, we should at least just send only one of ours.
<ANGUR-1> In fact, Annatar, in order to demonstrate our allegiance to you and yours, we would be willing to compensate *you* for the damage done to your vessels.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS POLARIS> Traced the source of the signal. It's legit. Captain Konieczko, I respectfully suggest we have Aensai trail the vessels under cloak to ensure nothing untoward happens. The Echomet's insistence strikes me as suspicious, but the Annatar seem fine with letting them handle it.
<ANGUR-1> If you would turn over sole authority to us to return them, I am certain Prime Minister Rieskl will agree with us.
<AASA> I ... uh ... stand by, please.
<AASA> This is Annatar Aeronautics. Starfleet, your ally states that they have tampered with our computer core systems. Will you also be willing to match Echomet's offer to compensate us for the damage caused by the datacore overloading as well as damage sustained to the drones themselves?
<USS VANGUARD> As I authorized it I'll ensure compensation is fulfilled.
<RRW AENSAI> The Romulan Republic will also gladly front the expense and give you full information on all moves taken.
<AASA> Please stand by.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> The more we drag this out, the worse it gets. I suggest we try to graciously give the Echomets the drones before this gets any more out of hand.
<ANGUR-1> Annatar Aeronautics, we have made contact with Prime Minister Rieskl. Should you turn full authority of your vessels to us to return, the World Union is prepared to recompense you for all damage sustained and a security escort for your future explorative endeavors in the Kelterre sector.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> We're awaiting their response. You made a response without conferring with ranking staff also involved, Commander. As a representative of the Romulan Republic I have a duty to disclose any potential diplomatic hurdles in this case, and I have. Now we wait.
<ANGUR-1> We implore you not to accept the Federation's offer of recompense; it likely comes with strings attached.
<USS VANGUARD> I assure you there are no strings attached. Nothing we have done has come from anything aside from our duty to our galactic neighbors and Federation members.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS POLARIS> This has become ridiculous beyond the pale. They are a member world. They can have buyer's remorse later, but this is too many resources tied up. The Echomet clearly have ulterior motives at this point. I suggest we bring the vessels back ourselves - they have used up the last of their leeway.
<USS VANGUARD> Annatar, this will come down to you. If you would like for us to hand over your drones to a non-federation member and you trust that they will deliver your drones then we will back down and return to our duties elsewhere. We responded to a distress call and fully intended to find the cause and return the distressed vessel to it's origin.
<AASA> When Prime Minister Rieskl came on his diplomatic tour, he was most amiable, so we believe the Echomet's offer is genuine. Is Starfleet willing to match Echomet's offer of security escort for our drones in future Kelterre explorations?
<USS VANGUARD> I.. Can't promise anything, but I can take it to those who can. As a member of the Federation it's my belief and I'm sure the admiralty would agree that it's our duty to help you where we can.
<AASA> You have always been good to us, Starfleet. But the Echomet offer of security escort for our drones is quite valuable. We would like to continue explorations, but our drones are very vulnerable. This is a very difficult offer for us to ignore.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS ASIMOV> This has gotten out of hand. We're currently contacting command about what to do.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> You're bothering the Admiral and going over the commanding officer's head? This is ridiculous.
[ENCRYPTED] <RRW AENSAI> I am going to go visit Annatar Prime, in the Aensai, and deliver -my- portion of their data and my report. To my Federation allies.
<USS VANGUARD> If that's the route you would like to go then that's the one we will take.
<AASA> Very well. Echomet Angur-1, we would be glad to accept your offer and turn full authority of our vessels to you.
<ANGUR-1> Thank you, Annatar Aeronautics, you will not be disappointed.
[ENCRYPTED] <USS VANGUARD> Task force vessels from U.S.S. Vanguard. The Echometa vessels will be taking possession of the distressed vessels. We'll be free to return to DS13 shortly.
<USS VANGUARD> Angur-1 from U.S.S. Vanguard. We apologize for the hold up, it wasn't our call to make as it isn't our vessel. We'll hope you understand.
<ANGUR-1> Save your politically correct rhetoric for someone who cares, Starfleet.
<USS VANGUARD> Read you loud and clear, send our best to Rieskl. Vanguard out.
<USS VANGUARD> Assuming they head towards Annatar we'll be cleared to return to DS13.
<USS VANGUARD> Task Force from Vanguard. We're cleared to return to DS13.
<USS POLARIS> Understood. See you back home.