AAR: Atlas Patrol, Donatu Sector, Stardate: 92432.8

BH1Pd8X.pngTO: Captain Morton; Aries Squadron, Vessel Commanding Officers;
CC: CMDR T'Pire, USS Atlas XO; DS13 Operations
FROM: CAPT Welhuph
STARDATE: 92432.8

Captain Morton,

On the above stardate the USS Atlas was conducting a sector patrol through the Donatu sector. When we passed within a light year of star system Kepler II-8693-B, just on the border of Federation space, we detected an unusual power signature. Investigation turned up four Tholian ships just outside the system.

Since they were not within Federation space we did not cross the border, nor attempt to hail them. We, instead, shadowed them as they moved parallel to our position, but never crossing over the border. They never attempted to hail us. Eventually, one ship stopped and charged its weapon systems, but since we were more than a light year away, it was only a show of force.

The Tholain ships then ceased movement. We remained opposite them for approximately four hours before I decided to resume our patrol route. As soon as we moved off, long range sensors detected the Tholian vessels doing the same thing, moving away from the Federation border.

We detected no other incidents through the rest of our patrol.

Captain Welhuph

Captain, Starfleet
Commander, USS Atlas