AAR: Attack on Branded Lady outpost

Stardate 94140.8
Capt. Sadia Cynis
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Minos Korva sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION: Attack on the Branded Lady Outpost

OUTCOME: Outpost and two defending vessels successfully captured.


CAPT Cynis (IKS Daramar)
CAPT Skye (USS MacAlpine)
CMDR Zh'Zhavis (USS Valley Forge)
CMDR Leveson-Scott
LCDR al Firawn
LCDR Eunbi
LCDR Keliaya
LCDR Verlin

Task force consisting of IKS Daramar, USS MacAlpine and USS Valley Forge embarked to investigate the final location of a tracking signal that was successfully planted during the operation Pandora's Box. Previous recon confirmed the location as an outpost in an uncharted system in Minos Korva sector. Since IKS Daramar was only cloak-capable vessel, it was decided that the rest of the task force will wait at the outskirts of the system while Daramar completes survey of the outpost and surrounding space.
Our survey revealed that the station is orbiting an Y-class planet, is of typical orion design ans is lightly defended by 4 disruptor turrets and signle photon torpedo turret. Two vessels were docked at the station - unknown armed frieghter and gorn Tautara-class cruiser, recognized as GHS Claw of Talok, vessel that was classified as MIA during the Klingon-Gorn war. Two patrols were detected within the system, each consisting of one orion frigate and one squadron of orion interceptor fighter craft.
After some planning, Valley Forge used a powerful deflector charged beam to disable the station's systems. At the same time, Daramar deployed infiltration team with purpose to take control of the station's engineering and computer core. Enemies reacted quickly - patrols converged to the station but were intercepted by Valley Forge, while MacAlpine engaged two docked vessels. Gorn cruiser quickly undocked and opened fire while the frieghter tried to self destruct by overloading it's warp core. Quick thinking of MacAlpine's crew allowed them to beam out said warp core and prevent station's destruction.
Infiltration team managed to take down station's shields which allowed still cloaked Daramar to beam in large amount of assault troops and secure the station. Valley Forge and MacAlpine disable the Gorn vessel and one orion frigate, while the second frigate and interceptor squadrons were destroyed in the engagement.
After the station was fully secured, it was discovered that it housed fully operational cloning facility that produced clones for the Branded Lady's army.

IKS Daramar and USS Valley Forge should stay and secure the station until the team of specialists is sent to analyze the station's facilities. After all important materials are evacuated, station should either be scuttled or handed over to our allies within Orion Space Navy - if they consider it an useful asset.
GHS Claw of Talok is to be fully secured and returned to the Gorn Hegemony.

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