AAR: Attack on the Orion mercenary base

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LOCATION Ba’aja sector, Udran system

MISSION Destruction of temporary base of the Orion mercenary force that is blockading Kunang shipyards.

OUTCOME Orion mercenary base destroyed along with all the docked vessels.


  • Captain Egzo (IKS Hag’lhr)
  • CMDR B’Atar (IKS San’leth)
  • Elt Aestae Vali (OSS Morakos)
  • CMDR Bara (IKS Barut)

NARRATIVE After we arrived to Udran system, the scouting actions were performed to ascertain the strength and position of the hostile mercenary forces. The shipyards’ main facility was still disabled, but the satellite defense network was online and mercenary forces were keeping their distance, patrolling just outside of the satellites’ weapons range. Patrols consisted of the mix of lethean and orion ships of different tonnage, usually one orion cruiser supported by multiple orion corvettes and lethean destroyers. Remaining orion cruisers were docked at the converted hydrogen mining and refining plant in the orbit of the single gas giant. This temporary base was patrolled by orion corvettes and fighter craft squadrons In high orbit above the station was the orion command vessel, Marauder battleship “Repossessor” supported by two Corsair heavy cruisers.
Intelligence reports confirmed that this orion mercenary force was none than the “Latinum wings”, commanded by Admiral Nishke, former Orion Syndicate agent who left the organization due to “command structure disagreements” with the current Syndicate leadership. While no hard evidence was available, it is very likely that Latinum Wings were hired by House Mokai in an attempt to acquire the prototype satellite defense network and all the ships currently present at the shipyards.
After recounting of all available information, Captain Egzo ordered a surprise attack on the orion temporary base. The plan was for Barut and Morakos to engage the mercenary patrols guarding the base from one side, while Hag’lhr and San’leth approached the base from the other direction under cloak. While the defense patrols were distracted, Hag’lhr and San’leth would strike at the base’s hydrogen tanks. The subsequent explosion was expected to be enough to destroy the base and all docked vessels.
During our approach, Barut was caught by a random antiproton sweep from the patrolling orion frigates. While this did trip our attack a bit prematurely, it still served the purpose of distracting the patrols and the flagship group enough for San’leth and Hag’lhr to slip by their sensors and destroy one of the hydrogen tanks on the base. This created a chain explosion of the rest of the hydrogen tanks and the destruction of the mercenary base and 6 docked orion cruisers, 2 frigates and a fighter squadron that was caught by the blast. We used the chaos of the explosion to fall back and regroup with the rest of the Woldan task force.


RECOGNITION Egzo and B’Atar did a great job with the enemy base, and managed to outrun the blast. They make this look like a morning exercise.

OOC This is the second part of the larger KDF event. The event log can be found here: 31 Oct: Old allies, old feuds, part 4 - #2 by Mudd