AAR: Auction Infiltration (Life on DS13)

Report Submitted: 90813.4
Report Filed By: CENT Aurelia t'Veras

A group of officers from Deep Space 13 traveled to the auction site on an asteroid in the Drozana system, posing as independent civilian buyers in order to examine the merchandise to ensure that it was, indeed, stolen from Deep Space 13. When we arrived, we found an unknown alien enforcer watching over a frightened Caitian auction assistant; the assistant agreed to let us see the merchandise for sale, but notified us that the Auction Master, a Ferengi named Grek, had been abducted along with some of the more valuable items by unknown Romulans. We proceeded to examine the crates and found they were full of the missing starbase equipment.

Upon this discovery, Captain Harker gave the order to drop our facade as civilian buyers and arrest the auctioneer and the enforcer for larceny. The enforcer attempted to flee, but was stunned by Captain Harker's phaser. He was beamed to the transport and is now in the brig on Deep Space 13.

After questioning by Lieutenant Commander Sedai and I, the Caitian auction assistant positively identified the Romulan aggressors as being noted associates of Vaebn, the Romulan who led the Task Force astray on New Romulus a month ago. She also positively identified the aggressors as Tal Shiar, and Vaebn as a Tal Shiar agent.

We downloaded all pertinent data from the auction's computer, as well as a message from Vaebn instructing the Ferengi to send the latinum profit from the sale to specific attached coordinates. Security footage from the computer also shows a Tal Shiar-issue Imperial Romulan vessel moving away from the asteroid.

Officers discovered most of the stolen items in the crates offered for auction. Still missing -- and presumably taken by Vaebn and his allies -- was a data storage device that contains a computer virus for use against the Borg, originally developed by and stored in the Borg Countermeasures Department on Deep Space 13.

Captain Harker made the decision to classify Fred, the Caitian auctioneer, as an informant and give her guest quarters on Deep Space 13 until the situation can be resolved.

We currently believe that the Tal Shiar -- specifically, the agent known as Vaebn -- was behind the infiltration that planted devices on Deep Space 13, on attached starships, and on the affiliated civilian transports. The many ramifications of this are concerning.

// CENT t'Veras


Harker, Captain
Altais, Captain
Mandukar, Commander
Hesuia, Captain
Sedai, Lieutenant Commander
t'Veras, Centurion
Kermit, Lieutenant