AAR: Aurking (MU)

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CAPT Varley, L.

LOCATION Aurking System, Doza Sector.

MISSION Gain access to the Aurking system.

OUTCOME Aurking natives declared war on United Federation of Planets.

CAPT Varley, L., ISS Saratoga
LCDR Izly, J, ISS Birk
ISS Michael Bublé (Destroyed)
Inquisitor Callahan

NARRATIVE To pursue negotiations with the Korlackress, it was deemed important that first we would remove their advantage, in the form of a powerful orbital defense weapon. A lengthy battle ensued with one such weapon emplacement and its support craft. After an analysis of their behaviour, I identified an appropriate strategy to eliminate them. Unfortunately the captain of the Michael Bublé was not as tactically intelligent as myself, and suffered a loss of all hands in the final stage of the battle.

To some surprise, after our victory a second orbital weapon platform launched from the surface and attempted contact on primitive, non-subspace means- apparently their only form of communication. Of note, however, is the surprising mobility of these large weapon emplacements, which were later observed to posses warp travel. It wasn’t hard to convince the aliens we were Federation ships, here to declare war on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. They assumed as much from the start.

Several more mobile weapons platforms departed the planet. After making certain they would take a hostile stance, we withdrew, able to outpace them in warp.

RECOMMENDATION Slow our advance on the Doza front while our unwitting new allies move on our enemy.

RECOGNITION Commander Izly once again proved her judgement sound and her mettle robust; Inquisitor Callahan was meanwhile a delightful guest to host aboard Saratoga, the crew are sorry to see her go.

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