AAR: Axikol ground defence

Filed By:
BGEN Sadia Cynis

LOCATION Axikol system, Doza sector

MISSION Fortification of Axikol colony, setting up the planetary command post

OUTCOME Success. Terran ground assault repulsed. Ongoing purging activities of remaining Terran forces.


  • BGEN Cynis, S.
  • RDML Bishop, S.
  • LTJG Sovum, V.
  • LTJG Mekyu, S.

  • CAPT Hanson, R.
  • CMDR Tyrstoc

While setting up the forward base on Axikol, allied forces came under a heavy ground assault by the Terran forces that were deployed before we managed to secure the space superiority. The base was attacked by large numbers of foot soldiers supported by artillery fire, while jamming our communications. Realizing that we cannot expect reinforcements and that our ground shields won’t hold long against the artillery barrages, admiral Bishop, myself and lieutenant Mekyu used the chaos of combat to slip by the main attack force and track the enemy artillery positions. Lieutenant Sovum remained in the base camp to treat the wounded allies.
We located the enemy artillery position some 300 meters SSW from our base, consisting of 3 phaser cannons manned by 9 Terrans in total. Using the proper positioning and element of surprise we defeated the Terrans, captured the artillery pieces and destroyed the communications jamming device that was present behind the artillery positions. This allowed the us to call for reinforcements and repulse the Terran attack.
We were joined by the reinforcements from USS Sunrise led by captain Hanson, while the reinforcements from USS Moytura reported that they reinforced another fortification on the other side of the planet.

RECOMMENDATION Bring in more ground forces. Add fighter and shuttle craft as air support. Co-opt local law enforcement (terrain familiarity) and coordinate search and destroy parties to completely eliminate Terran ground presence.

RECOGNITION RADM Bishop for dodging all the phaser fire. LTJG Mekyu for providing proper fire support. LTJG Sovum for keeping the cool head and treating the wounded allies under fire.

OOC Thanks to Sam for running the event and everyone else who participated.