AAR: Borg Recovery outside Vega System

Stardate 96093.4
CMDR R. Phoenix
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Outside the Vega System, Risa Sector.

MISSION: Locate and identify the source of an unidentified signal.

OUTCOME: Signal identified as an SOS call, Borg drone rescued.

CAPT A. Tlei
SCDR E. t'Cyklaas
CMDR R. Phoenix

NARRATIVE: The U.S.S. Zulu had been detecting a strange signal for a number of hours. After failing to clean the signal, the U.S.S. Zulu rendezvoused with the U.S.S. Brindisi for their assistance in cleaning up the signal.

After several hours of cleaning the signal, which turned out to be a distress call in Federation Morse, and locating the source, we traced it to a system just outside the former Vega colony. Here we saw a battlefield, preserved in time due to the vacuum of space. There were various ship parts, some Federation, others Borg. We managed to ID the wreckage being that of the U.S.S. Dunkirk, which went MIA in 2412. The signal itself came from inside the hanger bay of the U.S.S. Dunkirk. We assembled an away team and beamed across to the hanger bay. It was here we found the weak lifesigns of a Borg drone. After taking the necessary steps, we beamed the drone to the U.S.S. Zulu for transport back to DS13.

RECOMMENDATION: The Borg drone has been transferred to DS13 Medical for medical assistance and possible disconnection from the Collective.

A task force should be dispatched to clean up the battle site outside the Vega System, to recover bodies to return home to families and to collect data on the final moments of the U.S.S. Dunkirk.

OOC: A small impromptu that Nimitz ran yesterday. If the station gets Borged, blame him, not me.