AAR: Buoy Deployment Kilur System

TO: 38th Fleet Command
REF: Kilur System Report

On Stardate 92785.4, starships USS Kitty Hawk and USS Kaguya were sent to the Kilur system in reference to deploying two buoys that help transmit the Halcyon Worm countermeasure and to warn scavengers of the dangers of using Kilur technology. This was an ongoing effort of buoy deployment due to the danger of the worm, and the prevalence of scavengers in the area using Kilur technology.

Operating orders were to deploy the buoys to the two M-Class planets in the system, and to not engage any scavenger ships as to not sour relations with the scavenger group due to diplomatic measures being undertaken. Upon arrival it was determined that the seventh and third planets in the system were the desired M-Class planets for buoy deployment. Initial sensor scans revealed several small starships landed on the seventh planet, with several more in orbit and on the surface of the third planet. Scans determined that signatures matched that of common scavenger ships.

Initial deployment to the seventh and third planets were without incident. However, upon deployment of the second buoy, scavenger ships were detected on a course to the first deployed buoy at the seventh planet. Scavenger ships arrived at the buoy before the Kitty Hawk could get to the buoy, and the scavengers proceeded to begin removing parts from the buoy. It was ordered that the buoy be tractored away from the scavengers and then beamed aboard, to prevent destruction of the buoy. Due to this order, and due to interference from the scavenger ships themselves, it is believed that a crew member of one of the vessels was inadvertently partially transported aboard the ship, causing his/her death.

Contact was made with the scavengers upon their hailing the Kitty Hawk. An unidentified Klingon man stated that the beaming away of the buoy and the accidental death of one of his crew was an act of aggression. An offer of materials similar to the buoy's composition was offered, but communications were cut afterward. The scavenger ship began to attack the Kitty Hawk with minimal effect. It was advised that due to the salvaging actions that the countermeasure was transmitted to the scavenger ship and thus will be spread to any ship they contact. At this time Kaguya began to take fire from another group of scavengers, and it was ordered that both ships leave the system. This was done without further incident.

Commanding Officer Advisement: Due to the aggressive nature of these scavengers, I do not feel that we should continue to cave to the demands of holding peace with these bandits. We are putting further crews at risk by doing this. Due to their interference, the warning buoys at the Kilur system will be rendered useless and their effect far less than what was intended. I personally recommend that further hostility from scavenger groups be met with the appropriate response. Further orders or not, upon further contact with these groups I will take the required action to protect my ship and crew.


Commanding Officer
USS Kitty Hawk
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