AAR: Can't Stop the Rock

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CAPT Tungsten, D.

LOCATION Doza Sector, outside the Droni System.

MISSION Standard Patrol

OUTCOME Unexpected contact with newly warp-capable species. They were unable to disengage warp, and we rendered assistance, and brought them and their ship back to their home. First Contact established.


  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CMDR LaSalle, E.
  • LCDR Lawson, R.
  • LT Wind-People, A.
  • LT Fra’seer, K.

NARRATIVE On standard patrol in the Doza Sector for pirates and scavengers following the Terran War, a small and unidentified vessel was detected on long-range sensors, on a course very near our path, but not direct intercept.

It was determined as they came near that a radio (EM-band) broadcast was being made after hailing attempts failed. Though the ship configuration was not on file, the computer eventually locked onto the language from old files on the planet Brehmer, just outside the Doza Sector, which had been previously studied 50 years ago, but uncontacted, as they were at the time a pre-warp civilization.

The ship’s pilot made very clear in his message that he was unable to control the ship, in something of a log entry he knew would take years to reach back to his home planet.

Seeing as they were clearly not a pre-warp civilization any longer, this officer found no need to search for justifications to render assistance, and ordered parallel course and matching speed, within real-time radio distance, to contact the ship.

The pilot was surprised, but more that anyone was nearby than astonishment at previously unknown life, it seemed. We asked if we could offer assistance, and he agreed. He explained that part of the engine assembly was jammed open, and unfortunately only accessible from an exterior panel. He probably could have made repairs himself if not for the complications of attempting an EVA at warp.

After some deliberation with the bridge crew, this officer decided the safest course of action by suggestion of CMDR LaSalle was to merge our warp bubble with the ship, and launch one of our shuttles within the bubble, where it could use the docking seal on the hatch around the panel on the Brehmeri ship, to allow a crewman to make repairs. Tractor beams were utilized to hold everything steady as an extra precaution, though if in the event that one or both of the smaller ships fell out of the warp bubble, they should survive, unlike a person in an EVA suit.

One of our engineering crew was able to make repairs to at least drop the ship out of warp, and allow sub-light flight fairly easily. It was determined that a micrometeorite strike had occured, and lodged in the assembly, causing some damage. The pilot surmised that this was likely due to a momentary aberration in the deflector. The ship had been designed for Warp 1, and actually locked into Warp 1.5 flight, so all told, this officer is rather impressed with their first trial design.

The pilot and his ship were brought aboard, and we set course for Brehmer at Warp 8, figuring he’d already been stuck in space for days, and was certainly eager to get home.

We had a very nice conversation on the way, actually, and the Brehmeri seemed to be very well prepared for alien contact, as the pilot, Chief Cosmo-Specialist Meeh explained he was authorized by his government to make certain general overtures for communication and trade already, though more an opening than a full negotiation. It is this officer’s opinion that if their Chief Cosmo-Specialist is not an outlier in their society, they seem a very driven and aspirational people, and also very blunt, but not really in a negative way. It should prove very interesting to see how they grow, as they already have a fairly mature mindset regarding space.

RECOMMENDATION This officer strongly recommends a proper First Contact team follow up with the Brehmeri. Initial greetings went very smoothly, but they have many questions, and seek to establish trade, cultural and scientific exchange, and maybe even Federation membership. The latter possibly because it is something to be attained and achieved more than anything, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

RECOGNITION LCDR Lawson’s expert flying within the Dragon’s warp bubble is worthy of special attention, though as always, all members of the Dragon’s crew performed their duties with the skill and professionalism that makes their captain proud.

OOC Special thanks to @Bjornoid for stepping in to play a (probably) one-off alien, complete with a trip to the tailor to bring a custom appearance (Goat man!), and after a little direction on background and the situation, just rolled with it! Log!