AAR: Chasing Nausicaans

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CAPT Skye, F.

After Action Report

LOCATION Betreka nebula.

MISSION Patrol of the Betreka nebula and investigation into the Nausicaan attack.

OUTCOME No leads discovered, by the time USS MacAlpine had received the tasking and was on station, the trail had gone cold.


  • USS MacAlpine

NARRATIVE After receiving the tasking to patrol the Nebula, the MacAlpine made best speed to the AO. We spent the previous 2 weeks on patrol, running sensor sweeps and standard patrol patterns.
However during these 2 weeks, any routes of investigation we had when arriving had already gone cold and we were unable to find and new routes of investigation to pursue.

RECOMMENDATION With how limited the sources of information, continued surveillance and alert status for ships operating in the area may be recommended.

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