AAR: Cloak Disrupting Device

Stardate 95391
CENT Vordai t'Krediv
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Aldebaran Sector

MISSION: Disrupted cloak tracked to an unknown device.

OUTCOME: Unknown device found to be disrupting cloak, transported into cargo bay, promptly self-destructed.

Commander Mnheia - NPC
Subcommander Tylen
Subcommander S'Tokkr
Centurion Vordai
Centurion Nikee

NARRATIVE: On the way to previously designated coordinates, the reporting officer found difficulties with the cloak. It became unstable and after a period of time, we were able to use tachyon particles to pinpoint a cloaked object, the size of a shuttle--in fact we believed it to be a shuttle--riding with us. It seemed to be the source of the disruption.

It was scanned for explosives and other weaponry, of which none was found, and it's files were examined. We were able to beam it aboard, but not before feedback destroyed the cloaking console.

Once aboard, investigations were to begin, when its engines overloaded, destroying the shuttle. Very little remnants remain.

ADDENDUM: After learning that a second ship was afflicted with disruption to the cloak, the initial signals were revisited and there were no initial signs of disruption. However, an attachment downloaded with the rest of the files that was missed.

RECOMMENDATION: Try to investigate the source of the technology that resulted in the disruption of the cloak and trace it to its origin, analyze data packet downloaded by accident.

OOC: This was an event for the Saeihr crew run by Rellir! Apologies for the briefness of the report and the lateness of it!